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  • Erikson's Stages Of Human Development

    angry. My mom said she fed me all the time, so I believe that I trusted my both of parents, unlike my sister, because I knew they were able to provide for me. During the first couple years of my older sister’s life, my dad worked three jobs and rarely saw her. As a result, she became scared of him and developed mistrust. When I was born, my dad began to work less to prevent that from happening again. Erikson’s theory does not always have to follow a binary system. When I entered the Autonomy vs.…

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  • Compare And Contrast Parenting Styles

    Different types of parenting styles play a serious role in the social aspects and development in a child’s life. Parenting styles differ from region to region, for example, parenting styles in the East seem to be more iron-fisted rather than in the West where discipline is more carefree and informal. Parents in the East tend to push academic perfection and overall excellency of the child, whereas Western or American parents, tend to push the child, but not in such an extreme way; Western parents…

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  • Graduation Speech: I Ll Be Kept Drugged

    their respective hands without saying a word. Silently each nods to the other across the table before one begins to select a specific surgical instrument for what the man can only guess is some kind of surgical procedure. A battery-operated circular surgical saw is selected. The librarian begins fondling the man’s cock with her hands, “Are these pills working, yet?” she asks. The man feels his cock pulsate in the woman’s hands. Slowly with each pulsating movement, he grows harder in her hands…

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  • Jean Piaget's Cognitive Theory

    had their own way of thinking and seeing the world. Jean Piaget, who was born in Neuchatel, Switzerland, earned a doctorate in Biology. When he looked at humans, he looked at us as Biological organisms, who need to adapt to the environment. He also saw us unique with many characteristic. Piaget had a similar theory to Sigmund Freud, however Piaget focused more on children's logical thinking, and how different ages have different thinking process. One of Jean Piaget's famous theories was…

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  • Hirshhorn Museum Analysis

    The Hirshhorn Museum: Rings of Adventure The Hirshhorn Museum and Sculpture Garden has always generated conversation about its choices. Even after it had just been constructed, its architectural choices were the subject of critique. Two days after the museum opened in 1974, Ada Louise Huxtable, of The New York Times, gave the following review: “[The building] is known around Washington as the bunker or gas tank, lacking only gun emplacements or an Exxon sign… It totally lacks the essential…

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  • Refugee Mandalas: A Visual Analysis

    We looked at drawings again at the Learning Center like the last week. The first picture we saw was the same picture as the last time, the drawing in which a guy who was overprotected by his mother drew. The picture was the same, but what I felt from the picture was slightly different. I saw something I didnʻt see the last time. Today, I saw the faceless figure and felt a creepy feeling because if I had to draw a person(especially my family member), I would draw a face definitely. However, his…

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  • Personal Narrative Report

    cart kept moving along the bumpy path. I was with my mom and younger cousin on the way to a track, where I was going to ,be a risk taker and try something new, ride an ATV for the time in my life. As the we neared the track, I could make a large circular like dirt path, but this wasn’t any old dirt path. It was huge almost the size of a football field and not to mention the various ramps and hills positioned throughout the course. The golf cart started slowing down as we had reached the track.…

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  • The Pantheon: The Roman Colosseum

    Renaissance and Neoclassical revival eras. The Pantheon, Maison Carrée, and other such temples and buildings of the late BCE-early CE period have their clear influence on works like Jefferson’s Virginia State Capitol. However, not all Ancient Roman designs saw their full potential of influence on future works, leaving only the ancient architecture as just a ruin to be preserved through the ages. One such work, the Flavian Amphitheater, or Roman Colosseum as it is more commonly known, can be…

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  • Essay On Agarose Gel Electrophoresis

    For the P lane, we saw several bands indicating the different forms of DNA. For A lane, it was expected there would be three bands since ApaLI made 3 cuts ---- there was only 2 bands. For the E lane, it was expected for there to be one band at around 5421 bp since there was…

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  • Descriptive Wedding

    church I knew I did not want to marry her. I hardly knew her. We had only started dating a couple weeks ago and before that she was the nude model who did yoga moves in drawing class. I thought she was dating that manly black football player I always saw her with. I supposed they must have broken up and I…

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