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  • SRT Protein Ligaments

    For our experiment, we will test SRT protein ligaments in a variety of conditions to determine the functionality and resilience of SRT protein ligaments relative to artificial and native human ligaments tested under the same conditions. The first test will examine the effects of the internal environment of the human body on SRT proteins. For this section of the experiment, we will place SRT ligaments in a solution analogous, in temperature and acidity, to the environment of the human body. The…

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  • My Experience At Queen's University

    I have always been a curious individual. Dating back to my childhood I was always intrigued as to how the components of my environment interact. As I matured my interests narrowed to the field of biological science, more specifically health and cellular science. Queen’s University shares my passion for scientific discovery as evident through the prestigious research being conducted. Furthering my education in a facility where influential research is taking place provides the opportunity to…

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  • Case 1 Hacking Living Cells For A Good Cause

    1. After reading Case 1: Hacking Living Cells for a Good Cause, respond to the following question: Assume that this research has taken place. What ethical limitations do you see in these research applications? There are a few ethical and moral problems with the hack living cell research that was proposed. One thing I noticed that will be a limitation is the risks and moral conflict involved in a changing human’s been cell to operate in a way that the researchers have programmed the cell to be.…

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  • Classical Era Research Paper

    Lasting from 1750-1825, the classical period is known as the Age of Enlightenment. This is a cultural characteristic of this era because society thought differently of themselves. They considered themselves to be free from the limitations of the Middle Ages. In addition, some people began to believe God was more of a controller over nature, than mankind. The art form of rococo was rising. Artists were finding interest in capturing the Greek and Roman themes in their works. As for a society…

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  • Research Paper On Lavoisier

    Lady Ranelagh’s chemistry book, like Lavoisier, demonstrates a direct interaction with substances. Lavoisier criticizes relying on “suppositions handed down from one age to another [which] acquire additional weight from the authorities by which they are supported, until at last they are received even by men of genius, as fundamental truths.” Lavoisier is keen to usurp the Aristotelian elements which plagued the Universities teaching of chemistry. His solution to the mistakes made by relying on…

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  • Biotechnology Career Research Paper

    Ever since childhood, I have always had a passion for science and am intrigued about the things around me. My school teachers had a great role in stimulating that interest I am fortunate to have had great teachers who have encouraged me to pursue my dream of a career in Biotechnology. I would like particularly mention my sixth grade Biology teacher whose passion had had a great impact on me. My decision of career choice took a step in the right direction in high school when I was introduced to…

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  • Critical Review Essay

    Everette Somers PSY 301 Dudukovic Critical Review Paper 1 20.10.2016 Critical Review: The Effects of Parenthood on Happiness Original Article: “In Defense of Parenthood” Anecdotally, parenting is often associated with stress, sacrifice, and even misery. These qualities are pervasive among portrayals of parenthood in popular media, and have been the subject of some scholarly works. Nelson, Kushlev, English, Dunn, and Lyubomirsky (2012) set out to investigate these conceptions experimentally.…

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  • Criminal And Forensic Psychology

    Criminal/Forensic psychology first manifested into the criminal justice system in the mid-1990s, when professors in universities began to teach it. However, this was not the first recorded evidence of criminal psychology. In the bible, it is noted that the first murder to be committed was by Cain, a son of Adam and Eve who killed his brother, Abel because God favored Abel’s sacrifice over Cain’s. German psychologist Hugo Munsterberg, known as the father of applied psychology was the first to…

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  • Google Secular Humanism

    falls into the non-religious category of belief systems, or lack there-of, should I say. By definition from Google, Secular Humanism is “a comprehensive, nonreligious life stance incorporating: a naturalistic philosophy, a cosmic, outlook rooted in science. A consequentialist ethical system.” When it is said to be comprehensive, it means that is includes the beliefs of values, actual meaning, and personal identity rather than just having strong feelings against supernaturalism, much like atheism…

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  • Analyzing The Childbed Fever Case

    happened often. The scientific method is now a necessary tool in order to distinguish between pseudoscience and science. For the duration of this paper I will examine the Childbed Fever case and critically examine the scientific approach taken with this case in order to avoid the original pseudoscience that occurred which will lead into the pseudoscience that was accepted before science occurred, which will then be provided with another example of pseudoscience. ChildBed Fever is an epidemic…

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