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  • Georgiana's Birthmark

    In the story, it’s very obvious that the main protagonist Aylmer was considered the symbol of science. Aylmer was a remarkable scientist who was described as “an eminent proficient in every branch of natural philosophy”. And his folio which was described “had recorded every experiment of his scientific career” reflected that he pretty much spent his whole life on scientific research. He put a lot of efforts on his research and was very serious about it. When Georgiana went into his lab, he was…

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  • Current Event Topic: Brain To Brain Interface

    Maitrey Patel IS 350-003 10/25/16 IS 350 Midterm Current Event Topic: Brain to Brain Interface Statement: Technology is growing worldwide. If it keeps on growing this way our generation’s technology will be nothing compared to the upcoming generation. Technology is improving from time to time such as: we went from keypad phones to touch-screen phones also we went from regular time telling watches to smart watches. The technology which interests me the most is the brain to brain interfaces. Brain…

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  • O Leary's Cow: The Great Chicago Fire

    You may think that mrs. O'Leary’s cow started the great Chicago fire. You may think it was pegleg Sullivan, but have you ever considered natural causes. Take a moment and think about it— ok that's enough thinking. There was a drought fires started nearly every day. Interested then keep reading for facts about the cause of the Chicago fire. •_• So the reason I think the Chicago fire was started by nature caused ,all the other theories have so many flaws to many. How could a man with a peg leg…

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  • Artists Misunderstood

    confusion among society and social pressure. For example, in 19th century two new movements emerged: Realism and Naturalism. Their features were quite similar, but an essential element that a naturalist work had to have was that it had to be treated as science, and realist artists did not accep that, so they started to write against Naturalism. In conclusion, some artists are misunderstood because they express some advanced ideas for their time and it is hard for society to understand them,…

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  • Ben's Three Experimental Controls

    Darryl Ben is an experimental psychologist and not an illusionist as he explains in the video. Through the illusions of societal enthusiasm, he has used the art of psychics to test the scientific point of view of the many unanswered concerns of their prudence. From his experiment which he terms it as the worst way to do an experiment in psychic concerns, he comes up with three major experimental controls as to how an illusionist would have proved their psychic power. For such an experiment to be…

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  • Animal Testing Is Wrong And Inhumane

    Would you want new medicines and or injections tested on you? How about your family? I didn’t think so. That is why I believe that animal testing is wrong. They don’t have a choice in the matter of being tested, it can be very painful for those involved, and our brains are vastly different than theirs. The animals involved in these horrendous experiments have no choice in the matter. These helpless creatures can’t communicate with us to protest against them being used for animal testing. Maybe,…

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  • Argumentative Essay: Is Evolution Something To Fear?

    Evolution, by definition, is a theory that describes a change in one or more heritable characteristics of a population from generation to generation (Oxford Dictionaries). As a theory, evolution is not a proven fact. Instead evolution is simply a theory that has been supported by a large amount of evidence. While evolution has not been proven correct, many people still believe in this theory—or so we thought. Several people still do not believe and even fear the theory of evolution, this should…

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  • Climate Change Rhetorical Analysis

    In “Climate Change,” the author aims to inform the reader what will happen if the recently released study on climate change is accurate. He does this by using several specific words and phrases to convey a serious tone. The first way the author tries to convey a serious tone is that they have a reliable research team. The research team looked specifically at the Northeast of the United States. These scientists are from the University of Massachusetts! This article has recently bee published so…

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  • Martha Howell And Walter Prevenier

    Interpretation of the past is an immense task left mostly to historians, who themselves have differing views and methods among each other. In From Reliable Sources: An Introduction to Historical Methods, Martha Howell and Walter Prevenier provide a history of the methodical and theoretical changes that historians have embraced and rejected. Many of these transformations were inspired by other disciplines as well as a reflection of social and political climates. Howell and Prevenier explain the…

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  • Galileo And Newton And Napoleon's Accomplishments

    Emerson worked on many writing forms but many people will say that he is most famous for his poems and essays. Some of the things he enjoyed writing about the most were religion, freedom, social stances, and nature. The main topic he incorporated into Self-Reliance was greatness, and the fact that “to be simple is to be great”. These things talk about how you should take care of yourself, but also how others see your role in life. Through his work, some of his most famous opinions were that…

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