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  • Is Technology Good Or Bad

    Technology: Good or Evil? In the current time a part of the society cannot imagine their life without technology. The constant time society spends checking their electronical devices. Like cell phones, computers, TV and video games. Teenagers and adolescents might feel more connected to this topic. The articles “Teens: This Is How Social Media Affects Your Brain” by Susie East. “It’s Digital Heroin: How Screens turns Kids into Psychotic Junkies” by Nicholas Kardars. And “The Impact of Social…

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  • Spiritual Ignorance

    scientific development In this century of technology, science and spirituality are considered mutually irrelevant. However, the truth is that the relation between them is best described as an alliance whose preservation is very important. Due to this important alliance, the decline of spirituality has in turn led to the decline of scientific development. Most people in the 21st century think that they are living in the century of science and discoveries but, this is not the reality. One has…

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  • The Importance Of Bentham's Auto-Icons

    Essay question: “Is Bentham's auto-icon a useful source for historians?” (word count: 760) Jeremy Bentham, the god father of utilitarianism, has asked to preserve his corpse after his death. He wanted his body to be put on public display. In so doing, he thought he could communicate some sort of powerful message to British academia and the public masses: and yet what messages he had intended to convey by preserving his body was still subject to interpretation and debate. I would share the view…

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  • Disinterested Contemplation Analysis

    molecular aesthetics are the novelty, the surprise it created, and the utility of the molecular structure. However, the judgment of molecular aesthetic is more than a cognitive rather than spatial. With these few words, the idea of beauty or aesthetic in science, specifically chemistry, far more different than the traditional judgment in art. What is the traditional judgment in art? In Painting, architecture, sculpture, and etc. to be considered beautiful, it must showcase the basic standard of…

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  • The Great Asymmetry Stephen Jay Gould Analysis

    Atomic bombs, poisonous gas, guns… The list of destructive technologies founded by science goes on forever with each new invention more efficient at killing than the last. Since the beginning of history, new inventions have been used to kill and enslave countless humans. With the murderous past of scientific advancements, the question is raised: Is science and technology evil or is it good? This question has been debated for centuries with no outcome, but in Stephen Jay Gould’s The Great…

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  • Corporate Funding: The Future Morality Of Science

    Science is generally publicly funded, however, increasingly the use of corporate funding changed science. As the use of corporate funding is increased, science becomes less moral. According to Understanding Science by Berkeley University, almost 75% of U.S clinical trials in medicine are paid for by private companies, (Casazza, Gilet, Stuart). Corporate funding is on the raise. As corporate funding increases, the worry that biases coming from corporations will grow. Furthermore, the worry is…

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  • Theories Of Psychology

    which means the study. The modern day definition of psychology is the scientific study of the mind and human behavior. Psychology is now recognized as a natural science but unlike other natural sciences such as chemistry, physics there is no one corrects theory or answer. Therefore we could state that psychology is a multi perspective science in which behavior and thinking patterns are explained in terms of different models and theories that have been explained by different schools of thought.…

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  • Sick Of St. Camillus Research Paper

    of the Sick of St. Camillus, Formation plan (Rome, n.p.,29 June 2008) This document is the text to which formators, candidates and all the Sister Ministers of the Sick of St. Camillus refer in order to draw the fundamental elements of a human, Christian and charismatic. Its contents are presented through a formative experience that includes the theoretical and practical aspects of life at the same time. 1.7 Research…

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  • Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science

    Headstrong: 52 Women Who Changed Science -- and the World by Rachel Swaby is a nonfiction book about women’s acknowledgment in the different fields of science and how these women’s accomplishments have been finessed by men and the media. The women recognized in this book are not as famous and common know like, Marie Curie, but this does not mean their work and accomplishments are less important. It talks about the media coverage of women scientists and their discoveries that changed the world.…

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  • Inhumanity And Frankenstein Similarities

    In Mary Shelley’s novel Frankenstein, the similarities and dissimilarities that Victor Frankenstein and his creation share are the key factors leading to their demise. Frankenstein’s creation, who can perhaps most accurately be referred to as a self-proclaimed fallen Adam (CITATION), parallels his creator in many ways - including in their regret of their pursuit of knowledge and the way that they both begin with good intentions but become warped and trapped in a cycle of vengeance. However, the…

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