Guatemala By Rigoberta Essay

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Think about all the horrible events of humans versus humans. There are many examples of horrible events, such as the Holocaust. Those are gross violations of human rights yet many just let it go on since it is simple to disassociate from problems that don’t directly affect you. Guatemala had not been excluded from this man versus man conflict; the US had forced leaders into Guatemala. This caused uproar of Guatemala’s people. Those rights were infringed. Rigoberta acknowledged a corrupt political system, and she wanted to change it. It has become necessary in the modern world to constantly analyze one’s current society to form a more peaceful and just society with growing networks in order to better the human experience.
Fighting for justice
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Rigoberta wanted to get rid of the conflict between those groups of people and make them equal. In order to form a just society, those old societies must be able to evolve; the people inside the society must be open-minded. Humans are very awful at accepting that he/she is wrong, but this is the only way society can continue to evolve. Mistakes must be realized, and the people must be willing to accept change. Corruption is inevitable, but there can be measurements against it. The citizens of that society are one of those measurements. It is one of the responsibilities as a citizen of the society to stand against that society when you no longer agree with it.
Rigoberta was a controversial novel; however, the story still paints the reality of many Indians at the time of the story. Whether the story is completely true or not, it still made a powerful impact. It reminded the reader that justice must be fought for, and justice isn’t necessarily always given to everyone. It reminded the reader that society can change; if one wants to see change in society, then he/she must start with himself/herself. The novel was a powerful novel that will continue to inspire and to be read as a testimony to justice and

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