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  • Waste Toner Case Study

    of HBT. The CBNP is well adhered to the surface of HBT. This property increases the surface contact of HBT with paper and blackening effect in photocopies. 9. EDAX Analysis Energy Dispersive X-ray Analysis is widely used technique to analyse the chemical composition of a material under SEM. X-ray data is processed to obtain the percentage of each measured element in the individual particles. Table. 2. Hybrid Black Toner – Case 1 Element Apprx. Conc. Intensity Corrn. Weight % Weight% Sigma…

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  • Liquid Chromatography Case Study

    unit. The interface transfers the analyte in solution phase from the LC column to the high vacuum of the MS as a single molecule in the gas phase. Two interfaces will be discussed: Electrospray Ionisation Interface (ESI) Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionisation (APCI) Interface Electrospray Ionisation Interface (ESI) Figure 2: Schematic Diagram of Electrospray Ionisation…

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  • Oligoetherol Synthesis

    New method of synthesis of oligoetherols with carbazole ring Renata Lubczak Abstract: The new method of synthesis of multifuntional oligoetherols with carbazole ring suitable for obtaining the polyurethane foams of enhanced thermal resistance was presented. At the first step of the synthesis the carbazole was reacted with excess glycidol to obtain the product of (n +1) functionality, where n is number of equivalents of glycidol reacted with carbazole. Carbazole reacts with glycidol without…

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  • Ft-Ir Spectroscopic Analysis Essay

    reported. The theoretical spectrograms for FT-IR spectra of the title molecule have been constructed. The 1H and 13C nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR) chemical shift of the molecules are calculated by the gauge independent atomic orbital (GIAO) method and compared with experimental results. Further, density functional theory (DFT) combined with quantum chemical calculations were done to find out the first-order hyperpolarizability. The calculated HOMO and LUMO energies shows that charge transfer…

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  • Band Gap Vs. Lattice Constants Diagram For Hexagonal Nitride Lab Analysis

    as an prominent semiconductor material for many electronic and optoelectronic devices[18]. • The wide and direct energy band gap sorts GaN as an appropriate materials for device fabrication in the field of optoelectronics emitters (LEDs and diodes lasers) and detectors. • Moreover the higher thermal stability along with the wide energy band gap makes GaN beneficial for high-temperature (HT) and high power electronics applications. It implies that GaN power devices reduces the high cost…

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  • Carbon Nanotube Research Paper

    First all you need is a smooth surface with a thin layer of catalyst, which is a chemical that initiates the production of the nanotubes. Then a mix of gasses is needed filled with carbon atoms leads to a special furnace. When you place the smooth surface and catalyst into the furnace it heats up the carbon gas at around 1500° F. The…

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  • The Melting Point Of Urea And Trans-Cinnamic Acids

    causing the molecules to vibrate. When the vibrations become strong enough for the molecules to move around and pass other molecules, the compound that is being heated up starts to melt and become a liquid. In this lab, five different ratios of two chemical solids, Urea and trans¬-cinnamic acid, were heated up in a Mel Temp apparatus until the final melting point was achieved. Each substance started as a solid in a capillary tube and when they reached the…

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  • Nitration Of Bromobenzene Lab Report

    This experiment was performed in order to demonstrate the principles of nitration through electrophilic aromatic substitution. It also examined the effects of bromine on an aromatic ring, ortho-para vs. meso directing. The second experiment was performed to compare the reaction rates of electrophilic aromatic bromination with different arenes. Data and Results In the gas chromatogram, there are two large peaks. The first peak at 0.653 minutes with an area of 133,352 uV per second, 31.95% of…

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  • Adipic Acid Case Study

    sources. Fire involving large amounts of material should not be approached individual containers may rupture abruptly causing ‘fireball’ effect. Fire-fighters should wear self-contained breathing apparatus and full protective clothing when fighting chemical fires. Use water spray to cool nearby containers and structures exposed to fire. 5. Accident Release Measures In case of spill, do not blow material. Sweep or gather up material and place in proper container for disposal.…

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  • Factors: Potential Rating Or Scoring Errors

    a. Potential Rating or Scoring Errors The following are some of the commonly occurring errors: o Halo effect – tendency to allow a positive (or desirable) quality, trait, or feature of an individual to enhance the appraisal ratings o Horn effect – tendency to allow a negative (or undesirable) quality, trait, or feature of an individual to taint the appraisal ratings o Rater Bias – tendency to allow individual differences (or personal characteristics) such as age, race, religion, disability, and…

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