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  • Go To Sleep Jessie Language Analysis

    derived to reflect the The children’s picture book ‘Go to Sleep Jessie!’ authored by Libby Gleeson and illustrated by Freya Blackwood, won the Children’s Book Council of Australia’s, Early Childhood picture book of the year for 2015. The written language in this picture book is used to create an interesting story that is also personalised (Tunnel & Jacobs, 2008). This picture book could be used to read to children that have recently become an older brother or sister as it discusses the theme…

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  • The Role Of Language And Culture In Language Teaching

    Language is one aspect of social culture. Language can only be used in social environments. Today, society continuously sets a new demand on the structure of knowledge, and learning a foreign language is no longer the fashion; it is a necessary demand of social development in the present time, and a kind of essential quality talented person should possess. Language and culture are related and interdependent. One’s ability to learn a language to a great extent depends on his/her level of…

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  • Advantages Of CALL

    3.3 Benefits of CALL While there are those who are still skeptical about the use of a computer to teach language (an inherently human activity), the many benefits of a CALL program have been generally accepted. Some of these come from the general field of CAI, while some are specific to language learning. Individualization Probably the most important benefit is that of individualization and learner autonomy. With a CALL program, learners can work at their own pace and control their own learning…

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  • Anxiety In Speaking Essay

    academic world. However, many students experience anxiety in speaking when they are asked to express themselves in front of the class or other people. This is true even their language abilities are good. Anxiety in itself is not a bad thing since a certain amount of anxiety can motivate learners to learn and acquire one particular language. In this term paper, I am going to explore the causes of feeling anxiety in speaking English among students and measures to curb this problem. There are some…

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  • The Importance Of ICT Literacy

    To gain a deeper understanding on what ICT literacy is, or what standards are included on being ICT literate, one must first define the two words which constitute the term. ICT is the technologies that aid the collection, processing or the circulation of information or data. Meanwhile, literacy is the ability to classify, comprehend, interpret, construct, communicate, compute and use written and printed materials connected with different contexts. Literacy requires continuous learning to allow…

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  • The Importance Of Language In Language Development

    Language is used in mutual communication tool between people, which includes feelings, thoughts and desires, and is defined with sound that has a form and meaning in terms of every society was formed with the help of common rules of it allowing the transfer to other people according to their own values, versatile and is defined as sound woven from advanced system. One of the important features of the language is the fact that it is a social being where elements of language is composed by the…

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  • Theories Of Multimodal Discourse Analysis

    at other theories of multimodality that can help explain how meaning making is achieved and use relevant examples as part of the discussion. Multimodal discourse analysis “choice leads to selection” Multimodal discourse analysis is the study of language not only through text and speech but mixed together with other tools or modes such as, pictures moving or still, sound, body movement or gestures, in order to express themselves, communicate or give meaning. Different modes have different ways…

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  • Cognitive And Inductive Teaching Approach

    1999, p. 54). On top of that, it ensures a greater degree of cognitive depth due to the mental effort involved, this again adds to the memory. More importantly, when the problem-solving is done in pairs and in the target language, the learners get the opportunity to practice language even more. Furthermore, discovering rules for themselves prepares learners for greater self-belief, and for this reason conducive to learner autonomy. The inductive approach supports pattern-recognition and…

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  • Disfluency In Speaking Essay

    The table above shows that most of the students agreed to consider that task difficulty, meaning focus, and time pressure were the factors of their disfluency in speaking. Planning, preparation, and task repetition aspects were not considered to be disfluency factors. Based on the findings of the analysis on the fluency level and the disfluency factors, it shows that the students’ speaking fluency level is on level 3 which means “good” but it is also seen that they should have been…

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  • A Mango-Shaped Space Analysis

    We’re all different in one way or another. Often times, being different only means appearance or intelligence wise. But what if all letters and words had a color and texture? Mia Winchell, 13 years old, lives with synesthesia in a book titled A Mango-Shaped Space. Synesthesia is the crossing of two or more senses, and there are many different versions of it. She faces various struggles as she takes on the confusing life of a young girl living with synesthesia, all while juggling school work,…

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