How They Really Talk Analysis

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Have you ever sent a text message and said “omw” instead of saying “on my way”? or do you have a hard time separating how you text and talk versus how you write. these are just some of the many things that people have been arguing about and these are the two essays that I choose to compare. “Does Texting Affect Writing” by Cullington, and “How they really talk’ by Amicucci. In my essay, I will be giving a summary of both essays, along with comparing and contrasting both of these essays since they are dealing with very similar same topic. Both of these essays are talking about texting, and how it does or doesn’t affect or writing. They also talk about bringing digital literacies to the classroom and how they can help students. There are a lot …show more content…
Amicucci talks about how Students non-academic digital literacy practices could help improve college writing classes. The author starts this essay by talking about how bringing and involving different social networking to the classroom could help improve student’s writing along with their experience in class. She gives background information on different types of literacy practices in school. Along, with information on different types of digital literacies. Also in the essay is an interview that was conducted to see how students felt about adding digital literacy to their class. By conducting the interview, the author found out nothing really that would help her argument. the conversation with the students were completely different than how she thought they were going to be. Instead of following her ideas, the conversation followed the ideas of the students and they did not all talk about the same idea or topics which led to conversation about different ideas and topics. But two students Craig and Sarah “offered novel perspectives by discussing the potential for their digital literacies to offer contextualized literacy practice within a writing course” (Amicucci485). While talking to Craig the author learned about how he was using a social network for writing practice in Spanish. Craig then goes on to give background information on how he started using the social network as practice for Spanish. He also elaborates on ideas on how other people can do what he is did when it comes. The other student Sarah talks about how the writing she does away from school could actually effect how she writes in school. She also goes on to say, “the writing many students do outside the classroom does not resemble formal academic writing”. She also, thinks that teachers should maintain some type of awareness since some students struggle with separating how the write out of school in school. Sarah goes on to talk about how students should practice

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