Research Paper About Popular Culture

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Popular Culture
Culture refers to characteristics and knowledge of a given group of people that is defined by several factors, for instance, language, nations, tribe, religion, habits, music, cuisine and social habits among others. According to the center of Research on Language Acquisition, culture refers to shared patterns of conducts and interactions, intellectual hypotheses, and understanding that are acquired through learning. The word "culture" stems from a French word that originates from the Latin term "colere," which denotes growing, cultivating or nurturing. Currently, the world comprises of different populations socialized together, which have influenced several original cultures that are found in different places. Furthermore, the cultural diversity of different nations continues to grow as the nation’s grow. There are different types of cultures that have emerged as a result of
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Folk culture is, in most cases, very conservative, self-sufficient, and often characterized by rural life. Radical invention and revolution in folk culture is commonly dispirited. Furthermore, in folk culture, people are expected to obey and conform to customary ways of behavior assumed by the society. Folk culture is also local in placement and non-commercial. Folk culture is characterized by stability, while popular culture features new aspects phenomena. Therefore, popular culture repeatedly embodies an invasion and a challenge to the folk culture. On the contrary, folk culture rarely has an effect on popular culture. There are instances where facets of folk culture, such as bling outfit in the Black American culture, get into the world of pop culture. Commonly, when elements of folk culture are suitable and promoted by the popular culture, they in most cases progressively lose their inventive

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