Euro Disney And Globalization

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According to Pirrotti Hummel, (May 2012) Localization of branding, messaging, corporate values and marketing globally is termed as “Glocalization”. Example, if a company has its headquarters in Asia with the satellite office spread in Europe and North America the message should be transformed in such a way that it is culturally assured and not purely linguistically fluent. But if the message is not conveyed according to the value proposition, norms, or expectations then the message is just of no use and will fall on deaf ears.
So as we look into the financial loss when Disney opened “Euro Disney” in Paris the following mistakes were made :
• Changing the name of ‘Dollar Disney’ as “Euro” which is Europeans currency of their continent.
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Each country has unique and distinctive culture practices; with culture difference’s even law exists within each country. Each culture has its own particular belief, values and social practices. Due to lack of knowledge there may be a tendency to misunderstand different cultures and sub-cultures.
Being the constrain that it is, culture of one nation ought not be judged as better than the culture of another. Each culture has its own specific qualities and social practices. The worldwide marketer will be much further ahead if the marketer tries to stroll in alternate person’s shoes so as to see all the more plainly that person’s concern and thoughts. Culture is, many times, something invisible abroad or to the ill-informed visitor, being spread in thin in individual and group behavior. Managers, when crossing countries’ frontiers with the frequency, which is observed today, need to give careful attention to the countries’ and organizations’ cultural dimension with which they relate under the penalty of having their work compromised. To understand the cultural differences and adjust to them is a requirement for the success of any manager who acts in a globalized economy. In order to achieve the set target and goals analyzing the market is the basic need for any company or a firm. Culture is really vast and understanding it could be really difficult for a marketer. Culture plays a number of different roles in the international

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