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  • Allama Iqbal's Shikwa Summary

    Stylistic Analysis of Allama Iqbal’s Shikwa Back ground: According to Bassnett and Gundy (1993) “Literature is a high pint of language practice; debatable it makes the best skill a language user can express. Anyone who wants to obtain a thoughtful knowledge of language that goes away from the useful will read literary texts in that language.” Usually, literature is look upon to be the privilege of definite people who are capable with certain ability and understanding literature. Literature is…

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  • My Idiolect

    Explore how and why your own language varies in different contexts and consider how others react to your speech. During the 14 years of my life, I have learnt to adjust and familiarise my dialect to suit diverse situations through the impact of media, family, music and social networking. Moreover, I have come to pay special attention to the context of where someone is talking and the mode of how they are communicating. I have also gained the awareness of how others respond to features of my…

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  • Semiotic Concepts And Ideas: Charles Pierce And Ferdinand De Saussure

    De Saussure refers to “The signs of life within society”. As said by Saussure, a sign contains two parts- the signifier and the signified. The signifier is the word that language provides and the signified on the other hand is the concept that the word provides. It could be different for different people. For example: The language…

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  • The Importance Of Vocabulary In Education

    English level. Without adequate vocabulary knowledge, a second language learner’s conversational fluency and reading comprehension will meet difficulties. Vocabulary is the foundation of a language. In language learning and teaching, vocabulary has always been a neglect and weak point. Therefore, the advances of computer-assisted language learning in educational applications have offered a new resource of authentic language input for language classrooms. The rapid growth of multimedia…

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  • The Importance Of Communication Skills

    1. Communication skills It's more than just speaking the language. Communication skills involve active listening, presentation as well as excellent writing capabilities. One highly sought-after communication skill is the ability to explain technical concepts to partners, customers and co-workers that aren't tech savvy. Anyone can talk but not everyone knows how to get their point across without making others' ears ring. Meandering, speaking out of turn, unleashing an awkward torrent of words –…

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  • The Necklace By Guy De Maupassant

    Stylistics is an approach that is used to analyze the utilization of language in literary texts in order to occupy a better understanding of the text. Stylistic approach enforces the power and penetration of speech by examining the expressive and suggestive devices. The elements of stylistic approach such as the lexical features, the poetic point of view and the construction of characters are used to scrutinize the content of a literary work. The utilization of these elements is reflected in The…

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  • Brown And Levinson's Politeness Theory

    Brown and Levinson created politeness theory, which is situated in the interpretivist paradigm (Goldsmith & Normand, 2015, p. 267). This theory is intended to explore the various ways language is used in certain social contexts, as well as how communication is affected by those word choices. The creators were curious why in some situations and relationships, people tend to be very blunt, while in others people tend to take a less direct approach. Politeness theory is based on Goffman’s concept…

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  • Instructional Strategies Research Paper

    Instructional Strategies (Include two strategies.) Specific example describing how the strategy was implemented 1. The first Instructional Strategy was a Read- aloud as an introduction. During the “Splits” program, the teacher started the lesson with a read aloud that was about two kids stuck inside on a rainy day. The two kids go in the attic and find pieces of fabric that were used in a general store to measure the size of fabric people were buying. The different sizes they found were ½…

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  • The Book Of Negroes Aminata Character Analysis

    girl when she becomes a slave. Different from some other slaves, Aminata is intelligent. She knows two different languages and baby catching skill. After she ships to North America, she learns how to read and write in English. These skills help her survive through the boat, South Carolina and Nova Scotia. Finally, she is free and back to her homeland. The baby catching skill, language skills and, reading and writing skills that Aminata learns in Bayo and St. Helena in her early age become…

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  • Humility: Norm Analysis

    Humility – almost every dictionary would define this word as having a low view of oneself in terms of the importance one has in their society, having come from the Latin word ‘humilis’ meaning low. The word is also usually synonymous to words such as meekness and unassertiveness. The word ‘humble’ itself can have a meaning of being in a low rank, according to its third definition in the Merriam-Webster dictionary and even when you search ‘humble definition’ in Google. However, the word is…

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