Why Is Censorship Important In Literature?

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In an Oxford dictionary, there are around 171,000 words with each word meaning a unique meaning. There are words that mean good and bad that differ from books to everyday conversation. Censorship in Literature is not necessary because it changes the historical setting, defeats the freedom of speech idea to writers, and hinders the challenge of becoming a responsible reader.
As time progresses, words tend to change its meaning since it is used in different ways. history. As Carrey Webb stated, “I believe that responsible teaching requires us to enter into a dialogue with those who have objections to the novel.” (23) and Donelson states, “What we find may tell us something about beliefs and practices that persist even today. It may even make
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People especially writers have the right to be able to use any words they want to write a book that they want to use to express their idea. Like Ingram stated, “the truth. Only if people are as free as possible to think and communicate their ideas can truth” (316). Authors are unable to use their choice of words because of censorship which should not happen. Anyone should have the rights to be able to express their idea regardless of the outcome. In the functions of a language, Coq states “Language is composed of words, written signs or spoken expressions but, whatever the form, language is expressed by artificial, human symbols that generate feelings and bring out images and ideas” (177). A censored world isn’t a censored word it is a combination of signs put together in the author is able to express his feelings into the signs to make a meaning to the word in its setting. The author should have the right to be able to write its idea into a book and share it with the public. Only in the extreme of a situation that a book must be replaced but the majority times of one’s idea should be shared without “beating around the bush” of its own

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