Benefit-cost ratio

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  • Mercan Systems Case Summary

    the market through a joint venture. After they chose a partner to enter into business with, it is most cost effective for them to expand into four regions initially and employ selling through dealer channels. Implementation Plan for the Chosen Alternative Choosing a joint venture is the best all-around entry process for such a large corporation. It allows the right amount of risk to reward ratio, allowing them to maintain more control over operations as well as saving some initial outlay. In…

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  • What Is The Role Of Agency Cost

    Jensen and Meckling develop theory in different stages 1. Introduction 2. Analysis the agency cost 3. Question regarding the organization & examiner the role of united liability 4. Provide basic concept agency cost 5. Brief summary and conclusions. Introduction. This article has been written by Jensen and Meckling in October 1976. This study inspects the property rights, agency and financial progress a theory of the ownership structure of the firm. The authors highlight on new matter which…

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  • Atco Plc: A Managerial Decision-Making Case

    the point where marginal revenue equals marginal cost. Marginal revenue can be simply defined as the change in total revenues as a result of an increase of one unit. Similarly Marginal cost on the other hand is the change in total cost as a result of an increase in one unit of production. As such maximize profits, as is the aim of all profit making businesses, is to produce and sell units provided the revenue from additional unit(s) outstrip the cost of producing it or them. By evaluating the…

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  • Great Gatsby: Educator's Negative Effect On High School Students

    The studies shown by STAR (2011) and SREE (2013) clearly show that the outcomes have a positive effect on student test scores. The data shows that reduced class sizes work. The benefits far exceed the costs. Thus showing that these funds are used effectively. This, essentially, will be cost effective in the long run because reducing classes now because it is proven to and the schools can continuously us this and trade-off will seem to be higher, but in reality will actually will…

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  • Maximum Power Stability Index Case Study

    transmission lines which leads to instability in the power system operation. Distributed generation is used to minimize the power losses and thus to improve the system stability. Improper DG placement may increase system losses, network capital and operating costs. Which is important to find the size and location of distributed generation, inorder to minimize line losses of power system. This paper uses the Maximum Power Stability Index (MPSI) which is derived from the maximum power transfer…

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  • 5g Case Study

    in those airwaves available, but at such high frequencies, signals cant travel nearly as far as they can over the frequencies used for 4G, resulting in a poor connection. Cost : Though companies like nokia think that 5G wont cost much more than what people are paying for 4G right now, it is still early to say that it wont cost much, given the transmission method and concepts are still not glass clear. Time : 5G technology is very new. Practical implementations cant be applied at least before…

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  • Intertemporal Utility Function

    Some basic assumptions for intertemporal preferences are transitivity, consumer prefer more over less, and consumers can choose between two alternative streams (today versus tomorrow). A decision requires a trade off by the consumers between costs and benefits today and tomorrow. The more a consumer consumes today, the less saving he will have today which will result in less consumption tomorrow. When consumers make consumption decisions they have to take into account their future consumption of…

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  • Difference Between Industrial And Small Scale Agriculture

    analysis, of both industrial and small-scale agriculture, these two strategies of organization can be further examined; to evaluate the potential benefits and possible market failures from each of these different market strategies. As market structure continues to shift, with changing consumer preferences, I believe small-scale agriculture can benefit from implementing a mixed organization structure at the local level. Small-scale operations are inherently better suited to adapt…

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  • Case Study Pacific Grove Spice Company

    Conclusions and Recommendations: Pacific Grove Spice Company is currently unable to comply with the bank's requirements with their current financial performance. However, Pacific should choose a few options to meet these requirements: first, they should acquire High Country Seasonings for $13.2 million since this is well below the $18 million book value of their equity, and the total value of the company would increase from the financial statements' consolidation. In addition, Pacific should…

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  • Compensation Case Study

    INTRODUCTION: Benefits are over and above wages and salaries offering provided to employees as part of compensation. They can be called as fringe benefits, perquisites, non-financial benefits, and soft benefits. These have been offered since colonial times, but gained popularity during the World War. The government used it to attract people to join armed forces. Ever since then benefits have become integral part of compensation and have been used as a recruiting, retaining strategy for…

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