Violence And Violence: The Negative Effects Of Video Games

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One of the most alarming problems perplexing a number of people when talk about it. As the world continues to advance in every aspect of life and especially technology, a majority of the younger generation has been exposed to video games since they were a kid. There are still different views about video games. Some people believe video games in general are made to entertain people, help people enjoy their free time after school or work. However, some people think with the advancement of technology, video games are expanding in term of genres, which means that there are video games that expose gamers to violence, gore, and blood. Along with the recent mass shooting incidents covered by the media who blamed violent video games as the reason because the fact that most of the shooters played violent video games, parents and society around the world are starting to be concerned that video games of all kinds will bring significant negative effects to their consumers and even create a tendency of violence and aggressiveness. These concerns are understandable; …show more content…
For example, “Hearthstone” which is simulator type of game that put the player has to count in their mind before give the card out to keep them alive, or how online games can develop communication skills in choosing the approach that the players will use. This kind of situation is not possible in real life, but it is beneficial to help people use their logic in different ways. According to Isabela Granic, Adam Lobel, Rutger C. M. E. Engels in the article “The Benefit of Playing Video Game” said, “Younger adults noted that they felt sharper and experienced improved memory, older adults were more likely to feel that their visuospatial skills and response time benefited.” People can learn something from the video game and remember video games can provide some conditions that are impossible to get in real

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