Sharing Economy: Business Analysis

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The concept of the sharing economy is an easier way for people to rent and borrow underutilized items like cars, homes and other assets. Businesses that highlight the sharing economy want to help people in so many ways including job opportunities. Unfortunately some businesses are taking advantage of workers and are underutilizing them. These businesses are supposed to be a positive change for workers that need help finding a job but instead it is changing negatively for them because they are being used to help these businesses and not the workers financially. Many want to work for these organizations because they want to make extra money or are just looking for a good job and they are desperate but workers need to ask themselves if it 's really …show more content…
Lyft is similar to Uber where drivers are employed to drive around people that do not have a car or are in need of one. Lyft pays a good amount to workers but fail to require benefits. If a worker gets into a car accident Lyft will not take care of the health expenses. They also does not include money for gas, and medical plan benefits for drivers. Working at Lyft money is a bit better but that is not enough to cover all care expenses if there is car accident or an emergency. If a worker has their car damage from the inside which is used for Lyft customers it will not be covered, and the worker has to rely on themselves to do the payments. In the article “Uber for Welfare”, author Cesar Conda and Derek Khanna explain that Lyft pays drivers well but that’s not enough to cover car expenses. He writes “Lastly, we are mindful that while many of the jobs in the gig economy pay well such as Lyft, other positions may not necessarily provide enough” (Conda, Khanna 4). I believe that Lyft is focusing on making their company look better by paying employees well but are not concerned about how employees will have enough to cover other bills that are supposed to be paid off from having benefits. Workers at Lyft that have a well pay is not such a good perk because it makes no difference, employees will have to …show more content…
When workers take a sick day off or have an emergency or even if they are on vacation it is a low pay day. In the article “The Sharing Economy will be our demise” by Robert Reich, explains how workers are at risk when having low pay and sometimes unpaid days, not making enough money to pay personal bills. He states “This trend shifts all economic risks onto workers. A downturn in demand, or sudden change in consumer’s needs, or a personal injury or sickness, can make it impossible to pay the bill” (Reich 1). I believe when a worker takes a sick day off it should be considered as a pay day because many struggle to make enough to pay bills making them feel stressed. When workers do not have enough to pay bills this can make them feel overwhelmed causing them not to be as successful workers as they are. This is causing workers harm due to these companies that are not paying attention and helping out workers with pay days when taking a sick day off. When a worker takes a personal day off they have to worry about not just calling in sick but if it is worth

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