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  • Gifted Hands Book Review

    Detroit, Dr. Ben Carson could have never dreamed of the life that he had to look forward to in the future. When Ben was nine years old, his father abandoned him and his family. Ben’s mother, Sonya was the motivator in her two sons’ lives. Although Sonya only had a third-grade education, she was a very smart woman, who knew that education was the way for her sons to get out of the ghetto and have successful lives. Sonya had strict rules the boys lived by. Curtis, the older brother, and Ben were…

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  • The Political Outcomes Of The Arab Spring Uprisings

    The desire for political and civil rights have driven numerous societies to revolt against an oppressive rule in hopes to achieve a more democratic lifestyle. Thus, when Middle Easterners began becoming more fed up with oppressive regimes, the desire for a revolution emerged. The political outcomes of the Arab Spring uprisings were different for each country involved. While civil war arose in some countries, other countries did not have substantial revolts; there were even states that became so…

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  • Personal Essay: How Fedex Changed My Life

    Hayworth, William Life is not about where you started I began to know hardship at a very early age of 2 months; I was removed from my family and placed into foster care. My dad divorced my mom shortly after I was born and never looked back. I spent the next 15 years moving between foster homes. I became a bitter and rebellious child. I was kicked out of all the middle schools in my local school district in Detroit Michigan and placed in a mental hospital. I was mad at the world and felt…

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  • Arthur Lykke National Security Strategy And China Case Study

    National Security Strategy and China Arthur Lykke, of the Army War College, modeled strategy with his simple National Security Strategy model. Lykke defined the pillars of National strategy as the ends (objectives), ways (methods used), and means (resources available) on which military and, ultimately, National Strategy are balanced. Imbalance of any pillar incurs strategic risk. Suitability, feasibility, and acceptability are the criteria from the pillars are evaluated. Suitability: can we…

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  • Persuasive Essay Pro Minimum Wage

    Minimum wage has been one of the most contentious battles in economic policy in the United States. In 1938, President Franklin Delano Roosevelt introduced the Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA). The FLSA was established to give workers fair workplace rights, including the introduction of the federal minimum wage. Today, minimum wage is very debatable as to whether an increase would benefit or do harm to the United States. There is a plethora of research to the controversial issue of minimum wage…

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  • Dodd-Frank Ethical Analysis

    These agencies and their “varying rules and standards led to certain entities not being regulated at all, with others subject to less oversight than their peer financial firms organized under different charters” (Morrison & Foerster, 2010, p. 6). After the financial crisis, analysts pointed to the “many regulatory failures” and gaps in oversight as the reason unethical and illegal practices were overlooked or ignored (Madrick, 2010, para. 3). As a result, the provisions set out by…

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