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  • MSM Team Paper

    scanned and manually uploaded to the servers. This process is somewhat automated by using an off line server called a Windows Server Update Services (WSUS) (Leznek, 2004). As mentioned before the backup system in place for many of the networks is lacking. Some networks have tape backup. Other networks have no backup system at all. This has a major impact on the continued success of the team’s network. The network will not succeed if there is no data to host. Another technical barrier is the lack…

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  • Be Well Case Study

    This is a cloud storage system that allows your data to be backed up at an affordable price point. AWS offers two different types of cloud storage, Amazon Glacier for data backup that is cheaper but not time-sensitive, and Amazon Simple Storage System for faster accessibility. Be Well would choose to utilize Amazon Glacier since they are just starting out, and need to save money. One of the pros for utilizing the cloud through…

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  • Disadvantages Of Vector Animations

    that are necessary to operate a web site. Colocation by itself is aimed at customers who want to supply and manage their own web site hardware and software, but who don’t want to provide their own physical facilities and may not want to manage their own links to the internet. The final category of web hosting is managed service providers (MSPs). It is used to address the gap between the offerings of colocation services and the needs of owners of major web sites. Colocation services and MSPs have…

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  • Redemptora As A Shipwreck

    Chapter 4: Review of Archaeological Literature The history of the Redemptora as a shipwreck starts at an unknown date. Until now, little had been found about its abandonment, reflecting a common practice of disposing of vessels without fanfare. However, in the museum files (WA Maritime Museum file MA File No: 10/78-1) a very interesting article in the U.E.C (Underwater Explorers’ Club) News of October 1962 was unveiled, signed by the ‘Beach Master’. It reports on page six that the author had…

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  • Sagalassos

    However, in the recent years since the discovery of the site, new information has been learned through excavations. More fine details are able to be obtained today through the use of new techniques and technology. The archaeologists at Sagalassos have used the available technology and workforce to discover the answers to their questions. In past excavations, archaeologists were trying to simply document the archaeological record for the site, however the excavation project conducted by the…

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  • My Clinical Practicum

    Earlier in my clinical rotation, I was going to two different clinical sites at the same time. It was a challenge to always remember and adopt the techniques and methods that each preceptor used because each provider has his own style. One preceptor would perform a tuberculosis skin only if patients ask for it for employment…

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  • Mobile Phone Effects

    Due to advancement in technology, human beings got the privilege of using cell phones. Mobile phones are considered to be the most effective gadget as compare to the other gadgets. Ithas made everything easier and reduce the human efforts and moreover it is considered to be the fastest way of communication. The mobile phones are widely spread throughout the world in 1990 in United States, firstly. To connect mobile phones, mobile towers are used and transfer information from one place to another…

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  • Archaeological Home

    double their length at one time? 2. Why had a neighboring house located in one part of the village been dismantled before the abandonment of the village and never rebuilt? 3. What are the political and economic changes that took place at the Benson site? 4. The relationship between houses, between features within houses and between houses and middens. Answers the Research Produced: ¬ the evidence of hearths, pits and interior posts within the extensions suggests…

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  • Archeological Investigations

    answer these antecedent questions, archaeologists must first sift through and analyze the important artifacts, ecofacts, and features that are found at their archeological sites., and find, categorize, and interpret the materials and findings at these sites. To analyze the important artifacts, ecofacts, and features found at a site, an archaeologist must first examine, categorizes, and determine an item’s level of importance in facilitating the hypothesis and “completing the picture of past…

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  • Caribu Advertisement Analysis Examples

    In my effort of finding an advertisement for my critique, I have discovered that the advertisement of the past have been more controversially filled then those of present time. The ad that I chose was one of eye rising, controversy, and outrageously extreme. The advisement of a product such as chocolate would have one thinking of pleasure, delight, pampering one’s self or a significant other, or merely a sweet memory of one’s childhood receiving an intriguing treat such as eating chocolate for…

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