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  • Similarities Between Business Continuity And Disaster Recovery

    (Simpkin 2012) This is putting the business continuity plan to use. “Business Continuity Planning is often regarded as the IT organization’s Disaster Recovery plans. This assumes that business continuity can be simply guaranteed by having a good backup system for the computer network.” The first step in the disaster recovery process is to appoint one person in command and one person next in command, usually the business owner and…

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  • Healthcare Contingency Plan

    The contingency plan should also include hardware procedures to make sure that the applications critical to the organization’s operation can be duplicated, an electric generator and adequate fuel is available in case of an extended power outage, a backup of patient data and software application configurations critical to the organization’s operations, policies and procedures exist to ensure accurate patient identification when preparing for, during, and after downtimes (Ash, 2014). The use of…

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  • Disaster Recovery Case Study

    ITNW1358 Iron Mountain vs Amazon Web Services What are the key features? • Iron Mountain Since 1951, Iron Mountain has been established as a disaster recovery solution for over six decades. Today, Iron Mountain specializes in tape and other physical backup solutions but in recent years has begun to push towards a Cloud DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) platform to compete with competitors such as Amazon Web Services. Iron Mountain provides long term storage for physical and electronic…

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  • What Are The Primary Factors That Influence Ffc's Business Continuity Planning

    data center manager retrieve the most recent backup tapes to recover its systems in case of disaster. This plan does not take into account the possibility of their primary facilities and resources becoming unavailable for use. Although FFC back-ups its data on a daily basis, the audit team believes that the backup data should be transported to the off-site facility on a more frequent basis. An additional weakness is that FFC has not tested their backup tapes during the past year, and has no plan…

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  • Teslacrypt Analysis

    The malware will scan all of your drive letters. Once it finishes the encryption, it will delete all Shadow Volume copies on the computer, making restoring information from a previous backup very difficult. After it encrypts a specific list of files, it will connect to the command server via TOR network (a free software for anonymous communication) using TOR proxies. After the encryption is complete, the application will be displayed…

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  • Secure Computer Security

    My scenario takes place at a banking facility in a local town. I call it the Western bank of West Virginia. Protecting information uses the same principals as protecting your personal belongings. Would one leave their house unlocked when they left for a week’s vacation? You keep your personal belongings out of others reach by locking them up or hiding them in a safe place. Computer security is important to an Information system to ensure the Confidentiality, Integrity, and availability is…

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  • Nt1330 Unit 8 Paper

    Module 8 Portfolio The company Creative Name Inc. is in need of a unified solution for the deployment of a corporate network. Of the technical difficulties to overcome is the layout of their corporation. Creative Name Inc. resides in two geographically separated locations, one on the west coast (the main office) and one on the east coast. While Creative Name Inc. is in two different locations, they want their network to function as though it is in the same building and location. To…

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  • The Importance Of Information Security

    Our company takes backups of your information every hour to assure an appropriate contemporary backup of your information is established, we also take into consideration a fail of the backup, and have a secondary site where we store the backups of the backups, in case of a disaster in one location, the secondary substitute will be put into position. We allow our clients to gain access to…

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  • Grunge Hotel Case Study

    there are network. If the hotel system interfaces design and all functions are set up fulfill the hotel group requirements, it can be quickly launch to Hotel Group 64 hotels operation. The system will be updated regularly and backup daily. All records will be able to backup and convert to raw Excel files. Vendor will provide system training and 7 x 24 technical…

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  • Fastcomet: Web Hosting Services

    plan is embedded with unlimited bandwidth, SDD storage, free website and domain name, immediate account setup, prompt daily and weekly backups, full website performance optimization, CloudFlare CDN caching, web application exploit and malware protection and full time server monitoring. This plan is powered by Cpanel and softaculous to ensure 1 click data backup and restoration with servers operating on CloudLinux with full FFmpeg…

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