Creative Writing: An Inspector Calls

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Crawling, the stream of blood running into my mouth distracting me from getting to the phone. Slowly I feel my mind slipping, and the only thing I can think of is reaching the phone before I go unconscious. The pounding of my heart beat is exhausting, but I am in reach of the phone. With everything left in me, I dial the only number I can remember anymore. Each ring seems to take longer and longer, but over my heartbeat I heard a faint “Hey Nanny”. My words came out shattered, incoherent, and what I said was, “It’s dripping”. Lying on the floor, incapable of holding the phone any longer, it dropped to my side. I was able to hear the panicking on the other line. “Mom! It’s Nanny!” I said as I panicked from what I had just heard my grandma, Nanny. My mom replied with, “What, what does she need?”. “All she said was that ‘It’s dripping,’” I said. Yelling to my dad, my …show more content…
When will we see her?” I asked with some urgency. My dad responded to my question, “Probably not for a day or so. The doctors are reconstructing her skull, and she has a severe concussion. Along with the concussion, the doctors predict that she will have some memory loss too.” With she answers, my heartbeat returned to its normal pace, and I sunk back into the chair next to my brother. We looked at each other, with no need to exchange words, just ready for the long road of recovery ahead. It was a few days later when I got to go back to HCMC and see my grandma. I walked back up the stairs and down the long hallways to her room. I almost gasped when I saw her for the first time after the accident. Her nose leaned to the left, her soft, pink skin was many shades of black, blue and purple. Nanny’s head was half bald from where the doctors had to shave to get to the bleeding. I giggled to myself, if she could see her hair now, she probably wouldn’t let us in her

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