Be Well Case Study

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Be Well is a company that promotes and sells supplements and wellness products in an effort to create a healthier community. The business is operated from Madison, Wisconsin, but is run completely online for the time being. Since Be Well relies very heavily on the internet and other technological services, having everything hosted in the cloud is a major component of running a successful business. Amazon Web Services offers a variety of options to host the website, store files, etc., all services Be Well requires in order to operate. Using the cloud as the primary data center is becoming increasingly popular, as many businesses are transitioning from an in-house data center. One reason many people are making the switch is because a cloud …show more content…
This is a cloud storage system that allows your data to be backed up at an affordable price point. AWS offers two different types of cloud storage, Amazon Glacier for data backup that is cheaper but not time-sensitive, and Amazon Simple Storage System for faster accessibility. Be Well would choose to utilize Amazon Glacier since they are just starting out, and need to save money. One of the pros for utilizing the cloud through AWS is that the backed up files could be transferred to the Amazon Simple Storage System as the business grows and changes. Another pro is that all files can be stored in one location, and are backed up, so you do not have to worry about losing any files. One con of storing data on the cloud through AWS is potential security breaches. While AWS prides itself on security, once things are on the internet there is always the potential that hackers could access data and secure information. Be Well will be able to record sales data, market trends, invoices, inventory, etc. all in one easily accessible location with the help of the AWS data archive systems. Since this company is operated completely online, it is vital that all data be stored there as …show more content…
One main pro of choosing to purchase this service through AWS is that you pay as you go. You do not have predict the capacity needed ahead of time, you can instead expand or reduce your capacity as needed. AWS offers Storage Gateway that easily backs up your data. The backed up data can then easily be transferred between locations. Another pro is the flexibility of being able to backup data without the hassle, the cloud system can back up data automatically so the business does not have to waste their time doing this task themselves. One con of data backup through AWS is that the business has less control over the process. While this can be convenient as it frees up time for more important tasks, it also means you are relying a 3rd party to successfully back up all of your data. Since Be Well is a new start up, utilizing AWS for data backup will be even more convenient as they do not have previous data stored in other locations. Be Well can devote more time to marketing and selling their product, knowing that AWS is responsible for making sure their data is not going

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