Arguments for the existence of God

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  • Ontological Argument For God's Existence

    ontological argument for god’s existence? Why or why not? 1. Introduction For the vast majority of human history our intellectual power has been directed at trying to prove the existence of gods, I will be looking at an argument for god/s existence called the Ontological argument. I will start by giving the history of this argument and how it was built, and then I will be giving my own personal opinion on the ontological argument. 2.1 What is an ontological argument? The ontological argument is…

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  • Thomas Raausch Philosophy: I Believe In God

    A general appraisal (=evaluation), and the third part an appraisal of what Rausch writes on a specific issue: I believe in God. In chapter three of Thomas Raunchy book, I believe in God, it starts with an opening article of the apostles creed , “ I believe in God the Father Almighty, Creator of heaven and earth((Thomas P. Rausch, SJ, I believe in God ,Publication Year: 200, pp 31-62)” Which is considered as the foundation of everything else which Christians believe. On the other hand, this…

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  • Mccloskey's Argumentative Analysis

    The existence of God has been debated throughout history. There are many arguments for the existence of God but there are two commonly-accepted arguments among theists: the cosmological argument and the teleological argument also known as the argument from design. In his article entitled “On Being an Atheist”, H.J. McCloskey attempts to refute each of these arguments. His stated purpose in the article is to provide reasons for atheism and to show that it is more comforting to be an atheist than…

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  • Anselm's Philosobolism: The Existence Of God

    God existence Introduction In answering the question concerning the existence of the living of the greatest being God, some considerations are put into place. Those considerations include discoveries by astronomists and arguments by philosophers. The existence of God is discussed well in books such as the assortments of the world and these are important as they reveal that truly the greatest being existed. It is true that the leading argument about the existence of God was presented by Anselm…

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  • Essay On Anselm's Ontological Argument

    Ontological Argument Anselm creates the Ontological argument with one primary goal. He claims to succeed in developing an argument of the existence of God without the requirement of actual proof. Anselm 's reasoning and argument only gives a mere opinion on the topic of the existence of God. He formulates a two part hypothesis consisting of: God exists and God has always existed. Anselm’s Ontological argument expresses accusations that are simply in his favor or his outlook on God. A premise…

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  • H. J. Mccloskey's On Being An Atheist

    popular proofs that theists have argued for God’s existence, in an attempt to disprove that there is a God. First he discusses the cosmological argument. The cosmological argument makes an effort to conclude the existence of God from the existence of the cosmos or universe. The arguments are called first-cause arguments. The first-cause points to God being responsible for the “cause” of everything. Something caused the universe to come into existence out of nothing. Some have suggested that the…

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  • The Cosmological Argument For God's Existence

    The argument for God’s existence has remained a constant topic of conversation, and at the head of much controversy. An argument attempting to prove the existence of God can be found through the Cosmological Argument, known also by its informal name as the “first cause argument”. The argument raises the issue of a first cause and where all things in the universe originated. This issue serves importance by highlighting conflicts humanity faces when questioning the origin of all things, and…

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  • Anselm's Ontological Argument Analysis

    defend for the existence of God. First I will present Anselm’s ontological argument for the existence of God on the claim that he is the greatest conceivable being, then I will present Gaunilo’s objection for the unsoundness of Anselm’s argument on the claim of which there are no set limitations for the characteristic of the greatness, which I think fails. I will show that Anselm’s ontological argument can withstand Gaunilo’s objection by emphasizing the maximal characteristics God possesses.…

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  • Rene Descartes Fifth Meditation Analysis

    In his fifth meditation, Rene Descartes gives an argument that he believes proves the existence of god from a purely intellectual, non-empirical framework. His ontological argument attempts to prove the mere concept of god is evidence for his existence. Although Descartes portrays the meditations as starting with no preconceived notions, his own biased definition of necessary qualities is the cause of fault within this work. Upon examining the disjoint comparison made between the mathematical…

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  • Kalam Cosmological Argument Essay

    third premise of the Kalam cosmological argument states that the universe has a cause of its existence. Craig believes that if he has shown this premise to be true, he has proven the existence of the theistic God. It is important to note that according to current science the beginning of our universe also marks that beginning of time. So, there is no temporal moment before the beginning of our universe at which God might cause our universe to begin. Therefore, God could not have caused our…

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