Arguments for the existence of God

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  • Cosmological Argument

    COSMOLOGICAL ARGUMENT: MAKING THE BELIEF IN GOD RATIONAL TOPIC: Of the arguments for the existence of God (the cosmological [first cause] argument and the teleological [design] argument found in Hume, and the ontological argument of Anselm), which is the best in your view? What is the structure of the argument? What is a potential objection to the argument? Is there an adequate response to that objection? Is the argument sufficient to make belief in God rational? Why or why not? When…

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  • Why Do Proof God Exist

    Recognizing God’s existence has never been an easy task. From century to century, people continue to search for ways to find proof God does exist. In consulting with Foreman’s (2016) presentation, “Approaching the Question of God’s Existence” the use of proof to illustrate that God does exist is not a virtuous practice and the word “proof” should be avoided when wanting to claim God is real. He makes an effective point that there are some things in the world that have no complete explanation for…

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  • Descartes Existence Of God

    project in the Meditations, the existence of God is the cornerstone that joins the internal and the external world, making knowledge possible beyond the sole account of the self. Therefore, God 's existence has a major role in the overall argument - it is that which enables the thinker to take the first steps towards the 'unification of sciences '. However, in my opinion, it is not employed correctly, as Descartes, in reasoning for it, relies on rather unsound arguments. I will next present…

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  • On Being An Atheist Argumentative Essay

    God’s existence has been a key topic of debate over the past couple of centuries. People argue either way very strongly, and many are not open to hearing the other side. When this topic is argued, there are two main arguments, the cosmological and teleological argument. In this article, “On Being an Atheist”, H.J. McCloskey argues against each of these views. He believes that without sure “proof” of God, we need to totally pitch the idea that God exists. If this were the case, many…

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  • The Argument Of Good Vs. Evil And The Existence Of God

    The existence of God, a topic discussed in both William Rowe’s and Robin Collins’ papers, but for two very different reasons. The argument of good vs. evil and the existence of an omnipresent, benevolent being such as God is a topic that many find very difficult to find answers for, and will continue to plague mankind for the rest of our existence. After reading the published works of Mr. Collins and Mr. Rowe, one may find it easier to formulate their own opinion. In the publication by Mr.…

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  • St. Thomas Aquinas's Argument On The Existence Of God

    The existence of God is always important in the aspect of philosophy. St. Thomas Aquinas explains what he believes is the five reasons god exists. The five reasons he believes why God exist is the Argument from Motion, Efficient Causes, Possibility and Necessity, Gradation of Being, and Design. The definition of God means that which nothing greater can be meant. St. Aquinas is a known philosopher for his discussions of the relationship between faith and the reasons, including the five reasons…

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  • Analysis Of Rene Descartes Argument For The Existence Of God

    formulated a trademark argument for the existence of God. His argument claimed notoriety as it was simple to comprehend, it follows as (1) Our idea of God is a perfect being (2) we are finite, while the concept of god is infinite (3) therefore it is a concept with more reality then my own mind (4) the cause of the concept god must have more reality as what the concept is of (5) therefore my mind must not have created it (6) the only possible cause is God (7) therefore God exists. This theory…

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  • St. Thomas Aquinas Arguments For The Existence Of God

    In today’s day and age one highly controversial topic of debate is religion. Has God become obsolete with all the scientific progress the human race has made in the past few decades? Lewis Vaughn explains in his book Philosophy: Here and Now ( pg. 64-66) St. Thomas Aquinas’s evidence for God. Aquinas’ arguments for the existence of God are known as the first-cause argument and the argument from motion. Aquinas explains that in the universe everything is moving and caused by something, for…

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  • Craig And John Hick's Argument For The Existence Of God

    This paper will examine William Lane Craig’s and John Hick’s assertion that the existence of suffering and the concept of a benevolent and omnipotent God are not mutually exclusive, but consistent phenomena. Christian theologians — in their attempt to constitute and defend arguments for the existence of a deity — assert that God, because of his depiction in Biblical literature, has unique characteristics and abilities. These characteristics include benevolence — “the quality of being…

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  • Perfect Standard Of Christianity Essay

    CHRISTIANITY Claim Transcendence is the belief that a divine realm exists outside of the universe. It is the belief that there is one God, you have a soul, and after death you go to Heaven or Hell. Christianity is one of the religions that was formed out of this belief. Christianity claims that Jesus, God the Son, came to earth to reveal the Father to us and then save us from our sins by dying on the cross about 2,000 years ago. Salvation, which is basically the deliverance from our sins,…

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