Arguments for the existence of God

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  • Ontological Argument For The Existence Of God

    In the Ontological argument, you're starting with the simple concept of God. Does God exist? St. Anselm's theory tries to come to a conclusion about this question. St. Anselm goes on to make two major points in his argument. One being that there is a difference between existence in reality and existence in understanding. Existence in reality is a basic notion, that things that physically exist do, and things that don’t, don’t. Existence in understanding means that anything can exist if we want…

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  • Kant's Argument For The Existence Of God

    Kant’s argument is convincing. He makes believing in God rational by providing several questions to consider. He raises his point by bringing up objective moral facts. First stating that God's existence is reasonable because there must be a first cause. He also talks about individual morals and how God and morality go hand and hand. He then brings into light the categorical imperative, and how rational people create maxims. Furthermore, Kant mentions the highest good and happiness and how our…

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  • Nietzsche's Argument For The Existence Of God

    infinity in more ways than just infinity’s existence. He seemed to suggest a living person’s life was not the only one lived by that person’s self; an individual’s life was the recurrence of his/her own self from a previous life ad infinitum. In this way, Nietzsche provided arguments against the prevalent Christian beliefs on the origin of the earth. One method he used, was utilizing ever evolving scientific theory as foundations and premises for his arguments against Christian teachings about…

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  • Pro's Argument For The Existence Of God

    want to thank Pro for his arguments. I find debate on the subject of God to be fascinating, especially from the side of the theist. As Christopher Hitchens said… “Well, why do I say charming? Because I think it 's rather sweet that people of faith also think they ought to have some evidence. “ Summary of Pro’s argument Pro argues that Jesus existed, that the New Testament is a reliable source for history and thus as it claims Jesus was raised from the Dead that Jesus is God. It should be…

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  • Parmenides Argument For The Existence Of God

    The principle of “ex nihilo nihil” is quite important to his argument about the perfection of the world. It is impossible that the world could be created from nothing, since, according to Parmenides, “what is not” cannot exist. From this premise, he argues that since there is nothing that can be called what-is-not the world cannot have any deficiencies, since deficiency would imply the existence of “what-is-not. While this argument is logical, the next step he takes is less tenable. He…

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  • Mackie's Argument For The Existence Of God

    hate that we have to live with. Why have a God when all of these evil exist in this world. Is there even a God, if all…

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  • Ontological Argument: Proving The Existence Of God

    An ontological argument is a deductive argument with a priori premises. It was first offered by St. Anslem in the 11th century. St. Anslem was a Benedictine monk, priest and scholar. He was the Archbishop of Canterbury from 1093 to his death in 1109. (Lecture) The ontological argument aims to prove the existence of God from a priori premises including the definition of God: a being than which no greater being can be conceived. A priori proposition is knowledge that is gained through deduction.…

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  • Descartes Ontological Argument For The Existence Of God

    of God in Descartes’ meditations is very significant, and I believe that he is indeed entitled to use God’s existence in this way. The purpose of this essay is to set out Descartes’ main arguments of God. Firstly, I will briefly discuss a fundamental philosophical topic – how could I have been created if there were no God? Secondly, I will assess one of Descartes’ main arguments of the roots of knowledge and God’s role with this, and finally I will speak about Descartes’ ontological argument. I…

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  • God's Omnipotence: The Argument Of The Existence Of God

    Throughout the course of human history perhaps no issue has caused as much debate or controversy as the question of the existence of God. People on both sides have provided a variety of interesting arguments to support their positions. Perhaps no argument is as famous as one by Hume which has come to be known as the problem of evil. The argument goes as follows, “Epicurus’ old questions are yet unanswered. Is he willing to prevent evil, but no able? Then he is impotent. Is he able, but not…

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  • Ontological Argument In Proving The Existence Of God

    Ontological Argument in Proving the Existence of God? For centuries, the existence of God has been questioned and argued by many different philosophers. One of the “big three” arguments is the Ontological Argument, an argument that could be said to be valid, as it has a good structure, but the soundness is questionable. The argument was founded by St Anselm (1033-1109) on the basis of two things: firstly, that God is “that than which nothing greater can be conceived” , which means that God is…

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