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  • Nipping At Napster Argumentative Essay

    Americans perceive downloading music as an everyday act, but it’s actually quite a criminal action. Consequently, downloading music allows the public to listen to their favorite artist for free or for a small price. Stephen Seigel elaborates by saying, “Under the agreement, Napster will begin to charge a monthly fee for use of it’s service--$4.95 seems to be the number being tossed around-- though how the money is ultimately divvied up will surely be a source of future contention.” (“Nipping at…

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  • Meme Rap Research Papers

    new genres are birthed and begin to gain popularity daily, most without any trace of a record label to their names. The term “Indie used to mean without a record deal, all by themselves”, but was stolen by record companies and turned into a synonym for alternative. However, thanks to the internet, the common musician can begin to reclaim the “Indie” term. The driving force behind this push for abandoning record labels is the internet’s universal…

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  • Analysis Of Channel Orange

    James began participating in the music industry, but it was not until 2005 that his first high-profile project was released in the soundtrack to Get Rich or Die Tryin’. This is when his career really began to take off. Since then he has produced many records for some of the most well known hip-hop and R&B artists of my generation, such as Danity Kane, John Legend, Mario, Big Boi, Fantasia, Yelawolf, Jamie Foxx, Frank Ocean, and many more. Some of the most notable works that have come from Malay…

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  • Mainstream Music

    There are many interpretations of music to an individual in today’s society. To some, music is representation of art, to others, a way of relaxation. Modern-day music mostly consists of mainstream music; usually chart-toppers and ubiquitous. Music in the past used to be filled with meanings; often a foretelling of a story or history. Fast forward to the present, music depth has liquidated. Mainstream music is often repetitive, standardised (Simpson, 2000) and frequently fantasizes on heartbreak…

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  • Causes Of The Decline Of Record Labelss

    Technology began to advance rapidly and the record labels could not keep up starting from the 60s to the 2000s with the development of tapes, where people recorded radio, and later the invention of the CD. The labels were scared because they were losing control of the public with burnt CDs and mixed tapes made essentially free. During these years there were five major labels: Sony, EMI, Universal, BMG, and Polygram. As the years proceeded into the 2000s, labels bought out other labels because…

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  • Dre Beats Marketing Strategy

    Product The product name,Beats by Dre, is associated mainly with the famous headphone line, although other products are available. Not only is the name catchy, but it draws clear associations with one of the company “founders” and his music career. There are assumptions made automatically that with such a history the company must focus on quality and stem from a musical passion rather than money. The products that Beats provides to consumers attempt to meet a need that the target market has;…

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  • 360 Deal Case Study

    way people consume music today. With the new ability of obtaining music for free, whether if it is legally or illegally through numerous file sharing sites, record labels have been put in a special situation where they have to come up with new ways to gain profit beyond record sales, their main source of profit in the past. In a new type of record deal, the 360 Deal, the hassle of investing millions of dollars into an musician’s career to get a mediocre return in today’s music business has a…

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  • Discriminatory Hiring Practices

    Institute Of Justice Journal, (270), 42-51. Provides a new perspective in the debate of whether criminal records are a legitimate source for information or not by exposing just how inaccurate, and often out-of-date, criminal records can be. Many studies conducted found the likelihood of employers to hire ex-offenders to be nearly nonexistent. This reluctance stems from the stigma of a criminal record. The question for this study is if an individual stays “clean” for a long period of time,…

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  • The Importance Of Staying At DTM Records

    If you’re looking for a recording studio that’s close to the Saint Louis, MO vicinity, DTM Records is the right service for you. We serve Saint Louis, Florissant, Hazelwood and other nearby communities. DTM Records is an established and reputable company that you can depend on to put your hard work as a musician together. This task is not difficult as long as you can rely on the right professionals to get your work compiled exactly the way you want it. When you have a passion for music it is…

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  • Why Are Background Checks Important

    recent terrorists for that problem. Background checks are important to this country because they provide security for our people, help others chances at getting well paid jobs plus jobs in general, help your social skills in the office, and keep your records and credit reports safe. Background checks are important to the economy because they provide security…

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