Semiotic Analysis: Dolly Parton And Nicki Minaj

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Music is not only calming to the mind and soul but it has been around for a long time. People are constantly listening to music and often turn to it as a source of inspiration. This literature review will look at how the music industry has changed over the years by giving a semiotic analysis on the comparison of 2 well known music artists’; Dolly Parton and Nicki Minaj’s in terms of their song lyrics, how they were considered style icons of that era, their physical appearances. In this research plan and literature review, it will be shown that with time, changes in the style of songs have changed drastically to a point where some music albums given a rating of an explicit content to appeal to the present generation despite the negative impact …show more content…
Grossberg (2006) defines codes as a system of signs, each of which is distinct from every other. The methodologies that will be used are feminism and post modernism.
The significance of connotations and denotations is highly relevant in this topic. Barthes (1964) believes that there always lies a literal message and a symbolic message. He goes on to say that the denoted (or signified) word never refers to an essence for it is dependably made up for lost time in an unforeseen articulation, a continuous syntagm. Denotation and connotation. Connotations go beyond the literal meaning of a word. For example, the dictionary meaning of a pen would be an instrument which is used to write or draw with which usually contains ink. The connotation of this would be words related to or associated with pens; authors, writers, artists and so on. Studying connotations and denotations will help identify what the song lyrics mean which will further help in the comparison between the two. Well known for her explicit song lyrics and famous derierre, Nicki Minaj is known to be a sex symbol, yet she is such on her own will and terms. She refuses to be restricted by the looks she is given by both, men and women, rather she believes to get rid of what she feels is an oppressive approach towards women and a more liberal outlook. (Thomson, 2014) Dolly Parton, too, was considered a sex icon during her reign
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The main sources of information for this paper will on Barthes, Montgomery and Hall. These three particular scholars have a clear understanding of what semiotics is and how it can be applied to various media texts to analyse them. Their research orientation is interpretive. With inputs and references from their work, it will be easy to understand the differences in the two songs which will be semiotically analysed and then compared to look at the difference in music how it was 40 years back and how it is now. Whether the different music styles are influential or not. There might be certain limitations while doing an in-depth analysis on this topic since the theoretical aspect seems to be lacking in certain areas. Another limitation may be the fact that proving whether the portrayal of these legendary icons is just for factual purposes or fictional purposes. To prove whether their appearances actually are what they seem to be will be a task. Barthes Rhetoric of the Image will be useful is understanding linguistic messages and connotation and denotation of the image. A survey on which artist is more liked amongst Dolly Parton and Nicki Minaj will be taken amongst a crowd ranging from ages 18-30 and the data will be collected and presented. Along with a semiotic analysis on the songs, a comparative analysis will be given on the way these two icons fashion sense is different. Another limitation that

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