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  • My Interest In Health Information Management (HIM)

    Why interested in HIM I am interested in Health Information Management (HIM) because it is an essential means of delivery of quality care. Also, HIM professionals are experts in the field of patient health information and medical records. With my experiences as a Home HealthCare Provider, it will enable me to have more focus and interest in the field. Besides, Health Information Management (HIM) is one of the fastest growing occupations, dealing with computer technology and its application…

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  • The Importance Of EHR In Healthcare

    In the argument I chose is the physician is in a group practice that use EHR (electronic health record). There are many benefits and challenges that comes along with use the electronic health record. It has benefits for physicians, but as well as the patients, and other clinical staff that uses this electronic system. Electronic health system play a major role in patient health. “Providers in some areas can use EHR systems to quickly find and notify patients who may be at risk for problems…

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  • Willow Bend Policy Case Study

    Hybrid medical record systems pose many challenges for the HIM professional. First, I will discuss some of the strengths of hybrid medical records fallowed by some of its weaknesses. Paper records and forms in a hybrid record system have some advantages. It takes little to no training for doctors and staff to understand how to complete a paper record. In addition, the contrast of ink on paper and handwriting make it is easier to validate the authorship and originality of paper records. However,…

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  • The Health Information Exchange (HIE)

    Health Information exchange (HIE) allow providers which includes doctors, nurses, pharmacist and patients to have access to patient healthcare information. The health information exchange is a secure and safe electronic data, as well as helps facilitate coordinated patient care, reduce duplicative treatments and avoid costly mistakes. Working in the healthcare industry, I do see the benefit of government mandate that all electronic based healthcare system exchange information. It allows…

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  • The Great Fire Analysis

    Excerpt from The Great Fire by Jim Murphy It was Sunday and an unusually warm evening for October eighth, so Daniel “Peg Leg” Sullivan left his stifling little house in the west side of Chicago and went to visit neighbors. One of his stops was at the shingled cottage of Patrick and Catherine O’Leary. The one-legged Sullivan remembered getting to the O’Learys’ house at around eight o’clock, but left after only a few minutes because the O’Leary family was already in bed. Both Patrick and Catherine…

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  • Da Vinci Surgical System

    Medical technology is a vast field where advancements in technology play a crucial part in sustaining the health of patients. Fields such as Artificial Intelligence, 3-D printing, robotics, and medical imaging have contributed to improving the health of many people. In the medical field, the dependence of medical technology has allowed doctors to improve their practice by making more accurate diagnoses, which reduces mortality rate. Healthcare practitioners, as a result of these innovations,…

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  • Telemedicine In Healthcare

    Fastfowarding ahead to the year of 2008 the correctional healthcare industry begin to imcorporate some aspects of technology to help minimize the risk of medical patient errors and to increase patient safety. Today, with the advancement of technology it has help open a line of communication not just between staff but also with outside correctional and healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics, health departments, and even with Walgreens and CVS since at times we have to utilize them if…

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  • Health Information Exchange Case Study

    systems”. Both the patient portal system and e-referral system are the concept of “VITALCONNECT” that define a phenomenon of “Electronic Health Records System (EHRs)” for provincial health and wellness of Canadians. (a) Positive Impacts of Electronic Health Records on Patient Care are Although there are several positive impacts of Electronic Health Records system on patient care, the most important are as…

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  • Cps Codes Vs Hcps Essay

    Both CPT codes and HCPS codes are national codes that are used for the purpose of medical billing and medical coding. They are of specialized profession that entails a thorough understanding of the ever-changing issues and regulation in the medical field. With an appropriate training and accredited education as well as professional medical billers health practitioners navigate these codes in a more appropriate manner in their day to day coding. Difference between CPT Codes / HCPCS National…

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  • Obama Care Relationships

    doctors, which is awful because the doctor-patient relationship is so meaningful to quality health care. Doctors are also spending less time with patients due to the increased number of people with health care and the mandate of electronic medical records. It is extremely essential that America act to repeal the failure that is Obamacare. Hopefully, the future will bring a different plan for health care in America, one that is affordable and of good quality, unlike…

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