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  • Rock And Roll Aficionados Influence On American Pop Culture

    Berry and Jerry Lee Lewis, on American Pop Culture was that the music that was put out was no longer driven, or controlled, by these big rock ‘n’ roll stars, or the smaller independent producers who helped promote the music. The larger mainstream record companies who disliked and distrusted rock ‘n’ roll instead produced and sold music that was bland and white-washed in comparison. This did not mean that there was a lack of demand from the kids who were rock ‘n’ roll aficionados, there was,…

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  • How Did Berry Gordy Influence African American Music Entertainment

    the founder of Motown records, Berry Gordy created change in society and music through the sound of Motown. Berry Gordy opened up Motown records and at the time African Americans had very little opportunity in the music business. The Motown record label released many songs that supported the civil rights movement, and made African Americans proud of their heritage. He also collaborated with many of his signees to create new groundbreaking music. Though opening up Motown Records, Berry Gordy…

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  • Becoming A Music Producer Essay

    advanced things from professionals. This career is the best fit for me because I tried making a beat of my own and I really enjoyed it. At my old school there was a program offered after school and I was involved in it. We would make our own sound, record them and put them together on the…

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  • The Pros And Cons Of The Vinyl Countdown

    From vinyl records to instant online streaming, the advancements in technology have been truly impressive. Long gone are the days of standing in line at the music store, or lugging around heavy electronic equipment (Ramey, "Modern Technology Advantages And Disadvantages"). By discussing how music was listened to throughout the ages one can appreciate the convenience that is enjoyed today. Columbia Records introduced the first long-playing record, or LP, in 1948. This 30cm record…

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  • Argumentative Essay: The Benefits Of Streaming

    To Stream or Not to Stream Streaming is the biggest breakthroughs in music history, streaming has revolutionized music as we know it. So in the 21st century why are artist not allowing their songs to be streamed and making us take a step back to the past? Streaming has become the norm when it comes to listening to our favorite songs, buying songs from a music store is silly and unheard of especially now days when you can stream the music we want for free, in fact America alone has streamed over…

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  • Personal Narrative-The Fall Of Antarctica

    The fall.. I woke up one day to find myself getting chilled, I opened my eyes, the bright light tingled them. I found tones of snow all around. The gusty wind was really scary, killing me with its chillness. I stood up roamed some steps. It seemed like I was on one of the glaciers in some part in Antarctica...puzzled...I moved on, From a distant I saw a full grownup but lean and thin polar bear on the edge, her kids were playing around her in warmth love of their mother. Leaving the occasional…

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  • The Outsiders Comparison Essay

    boys have contrasting points of view and criminal records. Thus, Johnny Cade and Dally Winston have vast differences, but have compelling similarities. Johnny Cade and Dally Winston have very compelling similarities which one is that they both care about each other deeply. For instance, Johnny admires Dally and wants to be like him. Johnny thinks of him as the big brother he never had. Ponyboy thinks, “I realized…

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  • Ahtanum Ridge Clinic Case Study

    For my experiential learning experiences I had the pleasure of visiting both the Ahtanum Ridge Clinic and the Yakima Valley Regional Hospital medical records. Before visiting these facilities I constructed questions beforehand to ensure I would not only have a valuable experience, but be able to compare facilities as well. These questions were; 1. What is something about the system you deal with that you know but not many other people you come in contact with know? 2. How has the change between…

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  • Nipping At Napster Argumentative Essay

    Americans perceive downloading music as an everyday act, but it’s actually quite a criminal action. Consequently, downloading music allows the public to listen to their favorite artist for free or for a small price. Stephen Seigel elaborates by saying, “Under the agreement, Napster will begin to charge a monthly fee for use of it’s service--$4.95 seems to be the number being tossed around-- though how the money is ultimately divvied up will surely be a source of future contention.” (“Nipping at…

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  • Meme Rap Research Papers

    new genres are birthed and begin to gain popularity daily, most without any trace of a record label to their names. The term “Indie used to mean without a record deal, all by themselves”, but was stolen by record companies and turned into a synonym for alternative. However, thanks to the internet, the common musician can begin to reclaim the “Indie” term. The driving force behind this push for abandoning record labels is the internet’s universal…

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