Aortic valve stenosis

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  • Coronary Artery Disease Case Study

    Coronary Artery Disease Levi Gatherwright Morehead State University Coronary Artery Disease Coronary Artery Disease, CAD for short, is caused by a buildup of plaque in the coronary arteries that supply the heart with oxygenated blood. The plaque (Atheroma) is a waxy like substance that consists of calcium, lipid compounds, and blood clotting compounds such as macrophages and fibrin. The buildup takes many years to accumulate; the plaque eventually swells the arterial wall restricting blood…

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  • Cardiac Catheterization Essay

    Complications Cardiac catheterization is categorized as an invasive procedure that involves the heart, its valves, and coronary arteries, in addition to femoral artery which is a large artery. Cardiac catheterization complications can be classified in to cardiac and vascular complications.…

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  • SOMATOM Definition Flash Essay

    capability to detect peripheral PE. Thus, the SOMATOM Definition Flash clarifies which dot on the image actually is a true clot that should be treated with anticoagulation. Routine sub-mSv heart. Even in patients up to 90 kg. For ruling out coronary stenosis in asymptomatic individuals, who are at low to intermediate risk of coronary heart disease, doctors are looking for dose sensitive examinations. With excellent image quality at a consistent dose below 1.0 mSv, the SOMATOM Definition Flash…

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  • Ventricular Obstacles Of The Human Body

    blood into the blood vessels and keeps it flowing through the body (Rizzo, 2016). The left ventricle is a cavity that has thick muscular walls that contains the papillary muscles as well as the chordae tendinae that attaches the atrio-ventricular valve leaflets to the papillary muscles (Leeson, Augustine, Mitchell & Becher, 2012). The left ventricle is responsible for pumping blood through the entire body, while the right ventricle only has to pump blood to the nearby lungs and back.…

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  • Pediatric Congenital Heart Conditions Essay

    area of infundibular stenosis, and relieve the right ventricular outflow obstruction (Bhimji, 2015). Long term consequences According to Bhimji (2015), patients with TOF are surviving longer than 15-20 years after their first operation. The major complication after surgery is the development of pulmonary valve regurgitation in which they would require a pulmonary valve replacement. Most patients receive a pericardial homograft and there is no telling how long these valves will last (Bhimji,…

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  • Kelly Puzzle Interview Paper

    The biggest reason she chose this profession was to help people. When she was a child, she was born with aortic stenosis. Therefore, she was in and out of hospitals all her life growing up. She ended up having to have two heart surgeries. Kelly remembers her second surgery that she had at the age of 14. It was at Egleston, Children’s Hospital in Atlanta in 1991. She had to have her aortic valve replaced with a mechanical one. She was in ICU for one week. She grew close to the nurses and decided…

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  • Left Ventricular Hypertrophy (ECG)

    The echocardiogram of an individual with HCM can reveal asymmetric left ventricular hypertrophy, systolic anterior motion of the mitral valve, early closing followed by reopening of the aortic valve, a small and hypercontractile left ventricle, and delayed relaxation and filling of the left ventricle during diastole. A clinical diagnosis of HCM is confirmed when unexplained increased left ventricular wall thickness…

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  • Cardiovascular System: Maintaining Homeostasis In The Body

    defects that fall under this category. Tricuspid atresia is categorized due to decreased pulmonary circulation and cyanosis from lack of oxygen. The tricuspid valve, an important component structure of the heart, is blocked and hinders blood from leaving the right atrium to the right ventricle. In the case of pulmonary atresia, the pulmonary valve is incapable of reaching full development. This inhibits blood floor from the right ventricles to the…

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  • Cardiomyopathy Essay

    Cardiomyopathy is a condition where the heart muscle is abnormal. The main types of cardiomyopathy include dilated, hypertrophic and restrictive cardiomyopathy. Cardiomyopathy makes it harder for your heart to pump and deliver blood to the rest of your body. Cardiomyopathy can lead to heart failure. But to science certain it is not known which is the cause that causes this disease only knows that there is a variety of this disease. Cardiomyopathy can be treated. The type of treatment you 'll…

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  • Difference Between Ventilation And Perfusion

    Ventilation and perfusion work together in the body to provide oxygen and dispose of carbon dioxide. Ventilation provides tissue and organs oxygen by the process of mechanical inspiration and exhalation of the lungs. This provides the alveoli within the lungs with oxygen, as well as the ability to expel waste products like carbon dioxide. Perfusion provides the tissues and organs with oxygen by the mechanism of diffusion between the pulmonary capillaries and alveoli. Ventilation Ventilation…

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