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  • Analysis Of Sylvia Plath's The Bell Jar

    Sylvia Plath; Along with authors such as Virginia Woolf, Simone de Bauvoir and Marguerite Duras, is one of the biggest female authors of 20th century. The Bell Jar shares more characteristics with Sylvia Plath’s life than just a semi-autobiographical novel. The main character of the book, Esther travels to New York to work as an intern in a fashion magazine, just like Sylvia Plath did. They are both poets, who lost their fathers at the age of 8 and both Esther and Sylvia Plath slowly falls into…

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  • Loreno: A Short Story

    The story that follows is red with the crimson life of so many humans long held in the arms of death. It is black with the evil of one inhuman man. And it is white with the purity of a soul untainted by evil or blood. This is Loreno’s story. The darkness enveloped him as he stepped out of the tall, regal office building. It was a late day at the office. He could never tell his wife why he was late. That would never do. No. She would have to remain in the dark. The man started to walk to his…

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  • The Case Of Andrea Yates

    The case of Andrea Yates is one of the most infamous cases in the last decade and the reason for that is because Andrea’s mental state leading up to the murders. Andrea Yates in 2001 drowned all five of her children in a bathtub in her Huston, Texas home. However, was she responsible for her actions? Andrea suffered from several mental illnesses including postpartum depression. She was constantly in and out of mental health institutions and was given medication to deal with her depression.…

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  • The Grea Yates: Case Analysis Of Andrea Yates

    Nathan Merrill XXJUN2012 PS208 Case Analysis of Andrea Yates…

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  • The Cinema Of Attractions: Film Analysis

    The invention of photography has direct correlations to the notions of documentary. Historically, a photograph represented the means to preserve a snapshot of the world as accurately as possible. This suggests something in opposition to art, the photographer is not portraying his or her vision of the world, in so far as expressionist painters of the time would be. Instead, they are merely capturing and collating information, as a historian would. Slowly it can be seen that these notions began to…

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  • The Reformation Dichotomy

    The effects of reformation in the sixteenth century created ever lasting change in culture, politics, and religion. Various reform movements may have clashed, contradicted, or may have been completely parallel with each other either way all had one goal in mind. Whether it was fundamental differences with sacraments, papal authority, or corruption the goal was to place the fate of the individual in the individual’s hands. With the Church setting such an atrocious agenda the call for reform was…

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  • Shirley Jackson's 'The Possibility Of Evil'

    Shirley Jackson’s “ The Possibility of Evil “ is a fictional short story. First, we see everything seems normal in the small town Miss Strangeworth lives in. Later on though, we see Miss Strangeworth writes evil anonymous letters to people in the town, exposing them of their rumored “ bad deeds “. In the end though, someone gets back at Miss Strangeworth and destroys her prized roses. The issue in the story is that everyone can be evil, proven by how nice Miss Strangeworth acts, but is actually…

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  • Leonardo Da Vinci Influence On Mona Lisa

    One of the most influential and well known people in the history of humanity was a man who combined invention, art, nature, and science together in a way that would revolutionize how life and creation were perceived by everyone. Leonardo Da Vinci was responsible for these contemporary contributions that changed art and science for ever. Hundreds of revolutions had occurred before his time, however the way he perceived the world allowed him to experience life in a very different way from every…

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  • Horrific Wreck Of The City Analysis

    Have you ever been in a bad Natural disaster? If not maybe you should try reading “Comprehending the Calamity” By Emma Burke and “Horrific Wreck of the City” By Fred Hewitt. They are both first hand eye witness accounts of the San Francisco earthquake and fire. The San Francisco earthquake was one of the biggest and most traumatizing events of all time. It all started April 18, 1906 at 5:15 AM. The first tremor lasted about 1 minute and others continued to strike through out the morning. Water…

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  • King Tut Analysis

    The discovery of King Tut's tomb, was the greatest archaeological find of the twentieth century, due to its relative completeness and lack of looting. In Carter gives a very detailed account of how the he and his team went about finding, preserving, and cataloging all of the wonderful treasures found in the tomb. He begins with describing the initial process of preserving any fragile pieces first, and then photographing everything for later reference. Carter then goes on to describe how they…

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