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  • Reflective Essay: Two Different Types Of Listening

    is being engaged in the conversation. There are different types of listening; informational listening, critical listening, and active listening. When you are in a conversation, you are either doing one or even two of those types of listening’s. Then there are different type’s feedback styles, such as judgmental, questioning, directive, empathetic, interpreting, and active. As you are listening and responding in the conversation you are in, you will be doing one or more feedbacks without knowing.…

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  • Rhetoric Of Persuasion

    In life people communicate with one another, there are different languages and tones of speaking. While speaking to people it is key to be a good listener, this will help with persuading people into believing what is being said. There is plenty of times where people could assume they are having a conversation with someone to only find out they were not even paying attention. In-deed, there are ways to communicate along with the various tones and arguments that comes along with communication. The…

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  • Reflection On Identifying Micro-Skills

    Identifying Micro-skills All three therapists in the video demonstrated active listening. There were body clues such as leaning forward or nodding at appropriate times. The second therapist in the video also used active listening to validate the authenticity of emotion that the client was feeling. She also used her active listening skills to ask questions that delved deeper into the issues of the couple. She used active listening to guide the session by actively reflecting on what the clients…

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  • Helping Relationship Research

    other. It is important to understand the difference, in terms of paraphrasing is restating the client’s message from the viewpoint of the helper, whereas reflecting feelings are pertaining to connecting with the client’s emotions. Summarising is an active response to the client to show that the helper is present and attending. It is a skill used to clarify the client’s experience and emotions. Summarising also helps to bring content together when areas of exploration are wide ranging. It…

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  • Essay On Formal And Informal Listening In The Workplace

    There are two types of listening that managers use in the workplace. They are formal and informal listening. In this paper, I will define some of the techniques employed in each type. Also with the techniques, they will underline some of the benefits and differences between each type. Finally, I will discuss some potential pitfalls associated with each approach. First, formal listening is a structured listening strategy that allows the manager to listen to the message actively and…

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  • What Are The Strengths And Weaknesses In Communication

    As a General Business major I was not planning on taking a communications and conflict course, and it actually turned out to be one of my favorite classes this semester. This was my first course where the students could express their opinions, and openly discuss the ways of communication, and its important role in conflicts.Conflict occurs whenever people disagree over their values, motivations, perceptions, ideas, or desires. I now have come to the realization of my strengths and weaknesses on…

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  • Jennifer Kidd Model Of Counselling

    The act of exploring itself promotes the active listening element of counselling. As a practitioner, if you listen well you can paraphrase appropriately when feeding back information given by the client. Consequently, this will help in conveyance of an empathic understanding which aids in the relationship building process. Emphasis is, again, heavily weighted on the importance of this relationship where exploration is one of the 'core components both for effective challenging and for assessing…

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  • Effective Interpersonal Communication Reflection

    As shown above, effective interpersonal communications play a major role in my chosen professional field. One of the skills and job responsibilities that I feel will be relatively easy for me will be to demonstrate cultural knowledge. Belonging to several minority identities has given me first hand experience in what it is like to be stereotyped. I would definitely be sensitive to these issues in dealing with my students and parents, as well as other organization members. Likewise, I feel it…

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  • Ken Moses Theory Of The Grieving Process

    if you are listening to a restitution story is if your client has a mind set of “any illness can be cured.” The Quest story can often be confused as if the person being happy that they have illness, so is why as counselor it is important to be an active listener and be prepared because in a quest story your client has learned a lot since they received their diagnoses and come to…

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  • Active Listening Research Paper

    The main reason that the issue of active listening is important to resolve is to ensure that store operations happen in a timely and accurate manner. A second reason that active listening is an important issue to resolve is for the relationships that are formed in the workplace. Creating and maintaining these relationships are important for workplace collaboration…

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