Reflective Essay: Two Different Types Of Listening

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Listening is very important. Listening is an acquired skill; hearing is a passive action. They are actually two different things. Hearing is just when you hear something and don’t really process what is being said. Listening is being engaged in the conversation. There are different types of listening; informational listening, critical listening, and active listening. When you are in a conversation, you are either doing one or even two of those types of listening’s. Then there are different type’s feedback styles, such as judgmental, questioning, directive, empathetic, interpreting, and active. As you are listening and responding in the conversation you are in, you will be doing one or more feedbacks without knowing. I have set three goals for myself for my actions of listening and feedback and they are to be doing more empathetic feedback, be more involved in the conversations I have, and to not be so judgmental. One conversation I had, was with my dad. We had a long talk about his job. He works at Harley Davidson and his shifts always …show more content…
As we were talking about the days we were going to go on and whose driving, I listened to him explain to me why his car won’t make that three and a half hour drive; as I was trying to understand, I asked him to interpret why his car won’t make it. We then tried to figure out whose car we are actually going to take. As we were discussing our trip, I was being a directive listener because I was telling him what he needs to do first before we even leave for our trip. We then talked about the money situation and what we are going to do, and as he was saying to me that he can’t be in the sun for too long, I was being judgmental, I made a comment that we can’t be at the beach for long because of him. Being an active listener and giving active feedback, I was restating on what we were going to do and find the best ways for the dilemmas that we might

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