Rhetorical Strategies In Writing

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The art of persuading an audience to think a certain way about a specific topic is not as simplistic as many believe. Therefore, the persuaders often have to utilize certain strategies in order to strengthen their views, which in the end gives them the upper hand. Throughout this essay, I will be discussing how my previous essays directly correlate to one other in many different ways including the utilization of multiple articles, rhetorical strategies, and the use of ATCC (Author, Title, Credibility, Claim) and analysis as to why the essays contains these writing strategies.
First off, in my essays one and three they both posses rhetorical strategies that are used to strengthen the authors objective and make their points more credible to the reader. These essays are specifically focused around modern day technology and how people function in today’s society. When applying these strategies to my writing, it was a very useful and effective way of getting the point across in an effortless manner. Therefore, when trying to convince people to think a certain way, the use of rhetorical strategies can assist a
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This attribute of my essays in particular is a very useful technique when writing essays due to the fact that it solidifies the reader’s doubts as to where the information was acquired. Most writers like to spread out the A.T.C.C of each article as they are talked about throughout their essays. However, I prefer placing the name of the authors, the titles of their work, their personal background, and what arguments they are trying to convey to the audience all in the introduction paragraph. When doing this, it immediately show the reader that the information I am about to talk about in the following paragraphs is going to be very reputable and consist of solid

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