Effective Workplace Relationships Case Study

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Lead effective workplace relationships
Assessment Task 2: Project
Part A
Agenda Template
To: Denail@Cricketequip.com.au; Paul@Cricketequip.com.au; Anna@Cricketequip.com.au;
From: Susan@Cricketequip.com.au;
Subject: Recent customer service issues within Cricket Equip
Date: 23.05.2016
Meeting topics to be discussed:
1. Meeting introduction and welcome. 09.30 am –09.50 am
2. Current customer service issues within Cricket Equip. 09.50 am–10.20 am
3. Cricket Equip’s customer service standards and requirements. 10.20 am –10.50am
4. Recommendations for customer service improvement. 10.50 am –11.30am
5. Staff feedback on how customer service can be improved. 11.30am –11.50am
6. Staff training needs of customer service. 11.50 am –12.00am
7. Meeting
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Two-way interaction:
There are two ways to send and receive messages to and from the other simultaneous communications retaliation. While one person is talking at the pool, others will listen.

Constructive feedback:
As a tool for communication support than criticism. Based on the observed fact. Feelings in specific issues or concerns. Establish a constructive working relationship was positive overall. The purpose is to raise awareness of the individual or to lead to a correction or update.
Active listening:
Active listening involves all the senses. And attention It is important to use the application, otherwise it may be concluded that what they are talking is boring to listen to.
Reflection and summarizing:
Rephrasing complaints during negotiations about the conflict. I know people have heard and understood what he had to say. To make other employees the opportunity to hear the concerns of the new. In addition, employees may not have the opportunity to hear something new. But when you have the skills to respond to your speakers. This will create opportunities for others to hear something in a new way.
3. Discuss the option/s you think would work best to resolve the
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Discuss how you will monitor this situation to ensure the problem is not recurring.
Communicate with the group involved to find and give feedback on conflict and the resolution:
Now that you have thought through your attention to yourself and others. If you can communicate directly with the substance of the dispute you. Here are some tips for productive dialogue.
Listening to other people's opinions is important to us because of his comments. A source of conflict And even if something is important to them that we must recognize.
For anyone who has a need. People are holding on to a share for the way. He will want to find a good compromise.
The talks involve your emotions and strong feelings on the other side.
The results and reflects the situation and the ultimate image of the dividend for focus on benefits and attempts to find solutions to share with the people involved. Is promoting the emotional control of the process. And the decision to stop the conflict.
Examine the causes of conflict in the workplace. And provide information to increase performance.
Monitoring and cause conflict in the workplace by means of a survey. This conflict is inevitable in the workplace. But these things can be controlled when it is managed properly. The study found that the conflict has been resolved positively contribute to the development of an effective team. And working together with

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