Essay On Formal And Informal Listening In The Workplace

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There are two types of listening that managers use in the workplace. They are formal and informal listening. In this paper, I will define some of the techniques employed in each type. Also with the techniques, they will underline some of the benefits and differences between each type. Finally, I will discuss some potential pitfalls associated with each approach.
First, formal listening is a structured listening strategy that allows the manager to listen to the message actively and interactively. When a manager uses formal listening techniques, they can get a clear understanding of the speaker’s message. The manager uses these techniques, so they don’t misunderstand the message. This listening strategy gives good feedback to the speaker since the manager is engaged in the message.
There are a few techniques that a manager can use to listen actively. One technique is to identify the main and supporting points. A manager can pick these points up when listening
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Informal listening is also called casual listening. Some techniques that a manager can use in informal listening is to listen to the total environment. Listening to the environment is mainly keeping his ears open to everything around. Listening to the environment can help when rumors or the grapevine twists an individual message through leveling, sharpening, and assimilating. In essence, the manager can stop these rumors before they begin to spread.
Another technique for informal listening is to create a listening climate. Creating a listening climate can help establish trust between the manager and the employees. Some strategies to create a positive climate are the open-door policy or going into the lunchrooms and bathrooms regularly. When the manager makes themselves more visible, it is more likely that employees will talk to them or come to them with issues and problems. To sum it up, managers must create a positive listening

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