Jennifer Kidd Model Of Counselling

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The act of exploring itself promotes the active listening element of counselling. As a practitioner, if you listen well you can paraphrase appropriately when feeding back information given by the client. Consequently, this will help in conveyance of an empathic understanding which aids in the relationship building process. Emphasis is, again, heavily weighted on the importance of this relationship where exploration is one of the 'core components both for effective challenging and for assessing goals'. The exploration process also highlights the idea of working together to come to a shared understanding of the clients needs.
I will now discuss my own personal practice and how these models play their role within the context of delivering Careers
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This has either been at the University of the West of Scotland, Paisley Campus, where pupils came to the university for assessment purposes or within the school setting. Mostly, these experiences have been one-to-one interactions. However, I have delivered a few group work sessions also. The model I used in my practice for one-to-one interactions was that of Jennifer Kidd's 4-stage model. I think this model is definitely a good starting point when looking at structuring and content of interviews, especially with young people. 'Kidd et al (1993) cited in Kidd (1996) carried out research which showed Careers officers viewed three aspects as key to an effective interview. That is: the clarifying of client’s expectations at the start, establishing rapport and a clear structure.' This is evident in the 4-stage model, particularly as the 4th stage allows for more exploration which helps in relationship building and 'establishing rapport'. The counselling aspect of the model is highly relevant at the moment with mental health issues in young people on the rise. The Guardians view on children’s mental health through an article states that addressing issues should not be seen as an 'optional extra'. According to information from various sources within education and the government they also state that ,'The latest research shows the crisis is even worse than anyone …show more content…
We are just as important in actively promoting positive health and well-being within schools as anyone else who works with pupils. There is a debate as to how far a Careers Adviser should be involved in mental health issues, whether it be in young people or adults. However, it has clearly been identified as a major issue in todays society and as Careers Advisers working with people, it is something we will definitely encounter and will have to be supportive with to an extent. At least two of the interviews I witnessed while working with SDS on placement recently involved people who had definite psychological or anxiety

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