Importance Of Managerial Listening

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Managerial Listening
A major part of communication is not only being able to voice ideas, but also to clearly receive the the said idea. Hearing is a physical ability while listening is a skill, and listening allows a person to understand and make sense of what another person is saying. Managers and employees both need listening skills to work together in order to function as a whole system. When workers listen carefully, they are able to have a better understanding of the assignments given to them and this leads to a harmonious workforce. It is equally as important for managers to listen to employee feedback to incorporate any changes that will benefit the company. While listening is usually perceived as only using one’s ears,
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Active listening includes paying attention to the person speaking, staying focused, acknowledging the message, and suspending judgment. Keeping eye contact and giving undivided attention to the speaker shows that one is paying attention and staying focused. By nodding one’s head in agreement or giving verbal cues acknowledges the message and also shows engagement in the conversation; nodding also encourages the speaker to continue speaking. Body language is important in active listening because it gives immediate feedback to the sender about how one is receiving the message. Lastly, suspending judgment allows the speaker to finish all their points. Interrupting is rude and reduces the understanding of the message. Responding to the speaker is part of active learning and it shows a gain in new information or clarifying an ambiguous point. Responding can lead to understanding because a manager can ask a question, the speaker will respond and the whole active listening process repeats. Once both parties have reached the same page, the manager can lead the team to success and implement the newly gained

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