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  • Alexander Hamilton's Influence On The Government

    Hamilton's "enduring claim to fame." Following his resignation in 1795, Hamilton practiced law in New York City and continued his interest in New York and national politics. His attacks on political rival Aaron Burr resulted in the latter's challenge to a duel. He reluctantly accepted, and he met Burr on the morning of July 11, 1804 in Weehauken, New Jersey. Hamilton was mortally wounded and died the following…

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  • What Are The Three Steps Jefferson Took To Limit The Federal Government

    During the election of 1800, Jefferson, as well as Aaron Burr, received 73 electoral votes. Consequently, the election ended in a tie. Usually, in the past elections, the person with the most votes became the President and the runner up became the Vice President. Since the votes were a tie, it was up to the House of Representatives to decide who would be the president. Thomas Jefferson won the higher amount of electoral votes, 36, and started his presidency. As a result of the dilemma caused…

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  • Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation: Summary

    The novel I have selected is Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation; I selected this novel because I’m intrigued about the history of how our country was founded and about the days of trying to keep it together after our new found independence was gained. In the novel, one of the first key points highlighted was how some of the leaders of the time period wanted to become their own country while others had no intentions of becoming an independent country once the succeeded from England.…

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  • The Great Gatsby And Citizen Kane Analysis

    One’s life relies heavily on both where they have come from and where they plan on going in the future. The past shapes people to be who they are and to form their morals. But for the future, it is determined by the ambitions a person holds. For the main characters of the book The Great Gatsby, the Broadway play Hamilton, and the movie Citizen Kane, their pasts and ambitions unfortunately limit the characters and eventually lead to their downfalls. In The Great Gatsby, by F. Scott Fitzgerald,…

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  • Essay On Alexander Hamilton

    immigrant who came to New York to improve his life. “How does a bastard, orphan, son of a whore, and a Scotsman, dropped in the middle of a forgotten spot in the Caribbean by providence, impoverished, in squalor, Grow up to be a hero and a scholar?”(Aaron Burr, “Alexander Hamilton.”) It doesn’t matter if you grew up without parents, lower-class, or a different country. Hamilton was a young man who had nothing but made sure he never renounced reading a book. Someone’s class, gender, ethnicity,…

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  • Analysis Of Alexander Jefferson's Revolution

    Both were members of Washington"'"s cabinet¡ªJefferson was secretary of state and Hamilton was secretary of treasury. Hamilton was somber and haggard, a mood unlike his personality. The reason for this mood was because his financial plan for recovery of public credit was trapped in congressional gridlock. Congressman James Madison managed to block its approval based on the key point of assumption. Assumption is when state debts are assumed by the federal government. Hamilton thought that if…

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  • Thomas Jefferson Achievements

    In this difficult, but special country of ours, there has been many great presidents, but there are a few who truly left their mark on this world and one of those is Thomas Jefferson. Jefferson made many accomplishments for himself and this country many years ago by creating the Declaration of Independence and leading our country as third president of the United States. Throughout his life Jefferson will become many things such as a plantation owner, philosopher, and public official. Jefferson…

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  • John Witherspoon Founding Father

    I choose to write about father, John Witherspoon because I heard of him but not a lot. I thought it would be interesting to learn more about our founding father John Witherspoon. Instead of writing about somebody I already know a lot about I can write about somebody I only know a little about. It is important to know your founding father and what they did or accomplished. John Witherspoon came to the burgeoning United States to become president of what would become Princeton University, and he…

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  • Problems Caused By Political Parties

    Our government would be very different if we didn’t have Political Parties. Life would be a lot harder without them. Political Parties cause a few problems in the early days of the United States. Political Parties were created by strong men who knew what they wanted from their government. These men worked hard to develop Political Parties. They each felt strongly about their beliefs and wanted the rest of their country to feel that way too. Political Parties developed in the united states for…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Accomplishments

    Have you ever really looked hard at a $10 bill? If so, you may have realized Alexander Hamilton’s face on it. Alexander Hamilton was a very brave and intelligent man who had served his country well. He was one of America’s most influential people in my opinion. Even though he died on July 11, 1804 he will never be forgotten and I want to commemorate him. I want to commemorate Alexander Hamilton because he is a person worthy of praise and his many accomplishments are truly motivational and should…

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