Why Is Alexander Hamilton Important

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Madison May
History 2010- 06; American History 1
November 10, 2016

When most people think of the founding fathers the first person to come to mind isn’t normally Alexander Hamilton. Although he is one of the only people on U.S. money, being on the ten-dollar bill. Most people think of George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, but Alexander Hamilton is both very interesting and very important. Hamilton is someone you learn about in both history classes and political sciences classes, because he is an important person in the development of America. Not many people actually know just how interesting Alexander Hamilton’s life was, but he is becoming more remembered thanks to the popular Broadway play, Hamilton. Although his life was short, dying around age forty-seven, he did amazing things for our country, that we still use today. Throughout Alexander Hamilton’s early-life he was
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Through a rather messy presidential election in 1800, Thomas Jefferson, John Adams, and Aaron Burr were all vying for the presidency, or vice-presidency in Burr’s case. Hamilton had decided to support Jefferson on his campaign, which led Jefferson to the victory of winning president, and made Aaron Burr vice-president. Throughout Jefferson’s presidency Burr was often left out of important meetings and things, and then when Jefferson ran for re-election he left Burr off the ballot. All of these events caused a great deal of tension between Burr and Hamilton. The final straw for Burr was when he read a comment Hamilton had made about him, calling Burr corrupt and unfit. After Burr had read these comments he challenged Hamilton to a duel, which Hamilton had accepted. The duel was on July 11, 1804 and Hamilton had been shot and wounded. Hamilton’s bullet had completely missed Burr. Hamilton ended up dying the next afternoon at the age of

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