Alexander Hamilton: The 200 Year Phenomenon Essay

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Hamilton: The 200 Year Phenomenon
Hamilton. The name of an American Founding Father and, as by now more commonly known, Lin-Manuel Miranda’s Broadway musical. Through it, Alexander Hamilton continues to amaze people more than two hundred years after his death. The reasons for the phenomenon are varied, as will be discussed. In summary, he simply is the most relatable Founding Father. This paper will provide an answer to the question: Why does a Founding Era politician excite people in 2016?

To begin, a few words about Hamilton: An American Musical. It is a play in two acts and last two hours and thirty minutes. The book, the lyrics and the music were written by Lin-Manuel Miranda, who also originated the role of Alexander Hamilton. Miranda was inspired to write the story after reading
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2.1 Aaron Burr
A pivotal character in both Hamilton’s life and his eponymous theater production is Aaron Burr. Their involvement in each other's lives was not as extensive as shown in the musical, where Burr functions as the narrator and is therefore present at any important event in Alexander's life. Nevertheless their paths were undeniably entangled. While they had little contact during the years of the revolution, they became bitter political rivals, a conflict that eventually met its peak when Burr shot Hamilton in their famous duel at Weehawken.

Burr and Hamilton shared little in their characters, however one defining attribute was common to them, they were both orphans, losing their parents at a young age. Nevertheless, Burr’s childhood differed greatly from Hamilton’s. His father had previously been the President of Princeton College, which enabled him to get a high class education and have an already established position in American society. In regarding that, it seems surprising that Hamilton ended up being far more successful than Burr. Despite having been an important politician, he is now, if at all, primarily known for shooting Alexander

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