What Made The Founders Different By Gordon Wood Summary

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Siqi He
HST 109
Prof. Barth
Book Review
Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different written by Gordon Wood, who is a great historian focused on the history of the founding era, successfully argues about the great character of seven founders of America which includes George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams as well as Thomas Paine and the great contributions they have made to the establishment of early America. From reading this refined and well-planned book, readers could receive precious treasure of American history and heritage through the detailed portrait of the history of founding era and the profound analysis of the character of American founding fathers. This book comprises 8 essays that were previously published before respectively by the author. In this book, the author also adds an introduction and an epilogue which not only enrich the content of this book but also bind the whole essays together.
In this book, Wood hugely comprises the great character and attributions of the seven founding fathers, at the same time, sternly criticizes
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In Wood’s description of all the seven founding fathers, he argues that all of these founding fathers share a common character or virtue. They have the awe to the god and the clear understanding of their responsibilities that their power is to serve the public and the whole country, not to pursue their self benefits. That virtue is the greatest character which is lost by many leaders today. And among the eight essays, I prefer the one depicts Washington most. Wood chooses to introduce Washington right after the introduction part of this book. It is not only because Washington was the first president of America, but also because of his great character that makes him stick out even among so many other

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