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  • Founding Generations: Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

    reputations would rest” (Ellis 18). Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation is a historical non-fiction novel written by the accredited historian Joseph J. Ellis. Founding Brothers is about the founding fathers of the United States (Hamilton, Burr, Jefferson, Madison, Franklin, Washington, and Adams) and how they formed the new nation. Together, the seven men went through many trials and periods of triumphs as they struggled to create a foundation for the new nation. Founding Brothers…

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  • The Founding Father: The Short Life Of Alexander Hamilton

    Alexander Hamilton was great man, just as great founding father, but was he severely under appreciated. Alexander was a founding father who did much for our country and our constitution and afterwards the United States economy. He spent most of his life working his way up the political ladder to make a difference. Alexander was a great economist and would end up losing his life for from a long time nemesis because Hamilton believed he had no place in politics . There is very much Alexander did…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Research Papers

    Alexander Hamilton was born in Charlestown,St.Kitts, Nevis on January 11,1755, yet some speculate he was born in 1757 because it was the year used by Hamilton’s family and himself . He was raised in squalor. Alexander’s father left him when he was ten, and his mother died when Alexander was twelve. Alexander and his brother, James, went to live with their cousin, who killed himself few months later. By 14, Alexander was in charge of a trading charter. When he was 17, a hurricane destroyed his…

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  • Radicalism: Gordon S. Wood And The American Revolution

    Gordon S. Wood is an eminent historian who got his masters and Ph.D. degrees from Harvard University in 1959 and 1964 respectively. He is a professor of History Emeritus at Brown University and also an Alva O. Way University Professor (Brown Affiliations). Wood has worked wholeheartedly towards combining the everchanging social and political ideas and how they are currently being projected from the early American Republic. The theme of his writing is mostly guided by the idea that the revolution…

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  • Edward Snowden Traitor

    Washington Post data writer, Dylan Matthews, in his article, No, Edward Snowden Probably Didn’t Commit Treason, asserts his belief that Edward Snowden did not commit treason by releasing that information, according to the law. Matthews’ purpose is to inform and persuade by explaining that according to what the law says and what actual cases of treason show, Snowden is not a traitor is to the general public. Matthews created an effective argument presenting his belief that Snowden is not a…

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  • Alexander Hamilton's Legacy

    Unlike the other founding fathers he dies young he is unable to tell his story and secure his legacy. At the age of 50 he is tragically killed in an empty headed duel with colleague and former friend Aaron Burr who shoots straight at Hamilton, but instead of firing back Hamilton shoots at the sky. All of our founding fathers deserve a legacy and remembrance and Hamilton’s was almost lost in a duel he deserves to be remembered for his non-stop work and…

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  • How Did Alexander Hamilton Influence America

    In the 1770s, when America was just beginning to form, Alexander Hamilton stood out against the crowd—a genius amongst common men—and became one of the most important men in America’s history. The reason that Hamilton caused such a great influence on the newfound country is because his views on everything around him were different from that of society. The Founding Father had an opinion on every subject that dared to grace his mind, writing endless pages on each topic, from the smallest matter…

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  • Kwadwo In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    May 26, a day with regular African heat but extreme humidity, 10 year old Kwadwo (Kingsley) on the last walk home from school, struggles to get all the sweat out of his drenched T-shirt as he twists and twists numerous times until his palms are red. Agya, Kwadwo’s grandad is on the porch smirking, as he knows exactly what just happened. This “walk of shame” if you may has been made too many times. Kwadwo just walked approximately five miles in ninety degree heat all because his stomach being…

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  • My Favorite Quotes From Lin-Manuel Miranda's Wait For It

    My favorite quote is, “I am the one thing in life I can control. I am inimitable; I am an original. I'm not falling behind or running late. I'm not standing still: I am lying in wait.” This is a line sung by Aaron Burr in the song ‘Wait For It’ from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton. When I first heard the cast album to Hamilton I was attending community college, and I constantly felt like I was stuck. I was out of high school, but still living with my parents, while most of my friends had…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Beliefs

    of American currency and the national treasury, and his undoubted conviction to uphold his ideals. Within the realm of these topics, controversy abounds, without even considering the nature of his death: he was killed as the result of a duel with Aaron Burr in 1804 (Alexander Hamilton). However, Hamilton’s rough upbringing and illegitimacy are often forgotten in the reputation, or infamy, surrounding his name. It was his motivation to better himself and to break free of his unfortunate past that…

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