Alexander Hamilton: The Founding Father Of America

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Alexander Hamilton was quoted as saying, “My Birth is [was] the subject of the most humiliating criticism (Chernow).” While his childhood was filled with sorrow and darkness, Hamilton out grew those shadows and became one of the founding fathers of America. From serving in the army, to his final duel with Aaron Burr, Hamilton committed his life to the cause of patriotism. A strong central democracy drove him to write the Federalist Papers and Hamilton’s way with the pen was noting but persuasive and elegant. The building of America brought unlikely men together and pointed them toward a common goal; a free nation. Alexander Hamilton proudly took part in the establishment of the United States of America and helped shaped the nation into something unrecognizingly refined.
Born in the British West Indies on an Island known as Nevis, Alexander Hamilton was not raised in the best of circumstances. Since criminals and vagabonds alike were frequently dumped at Nevis, the island’s beauty was drowned in poverty. Taunted for being born out of wedlock, Alexander grew up in a society where he was stuck at the bottom of the social later. In addition, both of his parents had questionable backgrounds. Rachel, his mother, had previously been married
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Historically acclaimed as being intellectually minded, Hamilton finished his studies and passed the bar exam within nine months. Accepting several cases, one of his most renowned was Rutgers v. Waddington; a pivotal moment in the creation of the judicial system. Studying along side Hamilton is Albany was none other than Aaron Burr, Hamilton’s nemesis and eventual, executioner. From early on, they were thrown into similar circles. Both dove right into the after war disputes concerning Loyalist’s rights. Not only did Hamilton persistently defend the Loyalists, he sanded the rough edges of our governmental law systems in the

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