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  • Alexander Hamilton Research Paper

    After the Revolutionary War the economy that had been sustained by trade with England was in shambles and within the new government that was being created Alexander Hamilton was ready to fix the failing economy. The Treasury Department is the second oldest department in the government. Hamilton was the first Secretary of the Treasury inducted under George Washington in 1789. Once in Washington’s cabinet Hamilton proposed a financial system that came under extreme opposition but would ultimately…

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  • What's Your Name, Man, By Alexander Hamilton

    “What’s your name, man?” This perfectly reasonable question is asked by Aaron Burr in the musical Hamilton, and introduces the audience to Alexander Hamilton. Asking for a name is a very common way to start a conversation with someone and begin to get to know him or her. This introduction has become so common place that no one thinks about the story behind the name he or she has been told, but names hold so much history in them. The reason a name was chosen or the reason a nickname was created…

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  • Essay On Political Polarization

    Political Polarization “The unanswered question of American politics in this era is whether our divided political system can function in times of stress” (Ezra Klein). Our political system is comprised of two parties with opposite views on important topics. When the representatives of these parties experience more constraint to vote towards their party 's stance on issues they are less likely to compromise and therefore get less accomplished. This is called political polarization. Political…

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  • Hillary Clinton Compare And Contrast

    The Republican candidate, Donald Trump, and the Democratic candidate, Hillary Clinton, are radically opposite on the political spectrum. Hillary Clinton is a career politician and Donald Trump is very successful business leader. Each one brings into the political arena an agenda for people to consider. While they both claim to have the same concerns for our country, their views on solving these problems are drastically different. Hillary Clinton, the liberal progressive Democrat, and Donald…

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  • George Washington Outline

    George Washington (1789-1797) “Father of the NAtion” Grade: A When the nascent nation struggled to form its own identity, it was necessary to have a leader to guide the country through the process. A strong leader in the Revolution, Washington was the most favorable and prepared man to become the first President of the U.S. Although he felt unprepared, Washington coordinated and strengthened the federal government well and cautiously appointed officials that would be of best assistance.…

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  • Henry Clay's Contribution To The Industrial Revolution

    Born on April 12, 1777, Henry Clay was a devoted nationalist.. He was very influential in the United States sectional conflict, economic prosperity, and development of its infrastructure. When Clay was 4 years old, his father died and he was considered an orphan, even though his mother did not die until 1829. Clay only had three years of formal education, yet the Virginian still became a lawyer by self educating himself. At the age of 20 years, Clay migrated to Kentucky to begin his career as…

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  • How Did Alexander Hamilton Influence American Politics

    The Federalist Era of American politics reduced many of the Founding Fathers to gladiators of their particular causes and the outcome of the American experiment. Power in this era meant absolute victory for your view of the future of the United States. The men at the forefront of this Thunderdome-esque fight to death were Alexander Hamilton, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, and John Adams. Alexander Hamilton was a self-made man. Born in the West Indies out of wedlock, Hamilton took it upon…

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  • Dolley Madison's Contributions

    Have you ever wondered how the presidents do it all? Well they have a little bit of assistance, their wives. The first ladies do alot to help their husbands out. Whether it be making a simple decision, or saving one of the most valuable paintings in the White House. Dolley Madison Dolley Payne was born on May 20, 1768 in New Garden, North Carolina. Dolley was born to two Quaker parents, who moved to New Garden in 1765 from Virginia. Dolley 's father, John Payne, married into the Quaker…

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  • Founding Brothers Analysis

    why they play a part in this. From these actions and friendships the author gives these men and woman the consideration that they deserve. To begin with, Ellis considers George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton, Aaron Burr, James Madison, and John Adams the “Founding Fathers” of our country. Ellis also includes Abigail Adams, who is married to John Adams because she played a huge role in his life while he was involved with politics. Together, these men and…

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  • American Revolution 1763

    In the time between 1765-1800 there were voluminous events and people that influenced the formation of the United States of America as an independent and sovereign state; ultimately, they guided the instituting and authorization of the United States Government. During the years of 1765-1783 the colonies of America instigate a revolution and a war to gain independence from their fathering country of England. Throughout the years of 1777-1800 the colonies and states of America construct a…

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