What Are The Three Steps Jefferson Took To Limit The Federal Government

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During the election of 1800, Jefferson, as well as Aaron Burr, received 73 electoral votes. Consequently, the election ended in a tie. Usually, in the past elections, the person with the most votes became the President and the runner up became the Vice President. Since the votes were a tie, it was up to the House of Representatives to decide who would be the president. Thomas Jefferson won the higher amount of electoral votes, 36, and started his presidency. As a result of the dilemma caused during the election of 1800, the Twelfth Amendment was introduced to avoid similar situation in the future. The new Amendment allowed electors to vote separately for the President and the Vice President. A candidate can not run for being the President and the Vice President. For example, in the 12th Amendment, the final lines are, “But no person constitutionally ineligible to the office of President shall be eligible to that of Vice-President of the United States.” ________________________________________________________________________________ TASK: Explain three steps Jefferson took …show more content…
diplomats. He also cut the army’s budget in half, reducing the army’s size from 4,00 to about 2,500 soldiers. Furthermore, he eliminated all federal taxes inside the country. That meant that now most of the tax revenue came from the tariff on imported goods. Lastly, Jefferson removed the Sedition Act. Consequently, those imprisoned under the Sedition Act were released. Although, Jefferson introduced many new policies, there were still some policies he stuck to. For example, he believed that the United States had to keep repaying its national debt. Additionally, he did not fire most of the Federalists officeholders. He was okay with their employment as long as they did well and were loyal citizens.

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