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  • Edward Snowden Traitor

    Washington Post data writer, Dylan Matthews, in his article, No, Edward Snowden Probably Didn’t Commit Treason, asserts his belief that Edward Snowden did not commit treason by releasing that information, according to the law. Matthews’ purpose is to inform and persuade by explaining that according to what the law says and what actual cases of treason show, Snowden is not a traitor is to the general public. Matthews created an effective argument presenting his belief that Snowden is not a…

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  • Alexander Hamilton's Legacy

    Unlike the other founding fathers he dies young he is unable to tell his story and secure his legacy. At the age of 50 he is tragically killed in an empty headed duel with colleague and former friend Aaron Burr who shoots straight at Hamilton, but instead of firing back Hamilton shoots at the sky. All of our founding fathers deserve a legacy and remembrance and Hamilton’s was almost lost in a duel he deserves to be remembered for his non-stop work and…

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  • Kwadwo In Chinua Achebe's Things Fall Apart

    May 26, a day with regular African heat but extreme humidity, 10 year old Kwadwo (Kingsley) on the last walk home from school, struggles to get all the sweat out of his drenched T-shirt as he twists and twists numerous times until his palms are red. Agya, Kwadwo’s grandad is on the porch smirking, as he knows exactly what just happened. This “walk of shame” if you may has been made too many times. Kwadwo just walked approximately five miles in ninety degree heat all because his stomach being…

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  • My Favorite Quotes From Lin-Manuel Miranda's Wait For It

    My favorite quote is, “I am the one thing in life I can control. I am inimitable; I am an original. I'm not falling behind or running late. I'm not standing still: I am lying in wait.” This is a line sung by Aaron Burr in the song ‘Wait For It’ from Lin-Manuel Miranda’s musical Hamilton. When I first heard the cast album to Hamilton I was attending community college, and I constantly felt like I was stuck. I was out of high school, but still living with my parents, while most of my friends had…

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  • Alexander Hamilton Beliefs

    of American currency and the national treasury, and his undoubted conviction to uphold his ideals. Within the realm of these topics, controversy abounds, without even considering the nature of his death: he was killed as the result of a duel with Aaron Burr in 1804 (Alexander Hamilton). However, Hamilton’s rough upbringing and illegitimacy are often forgotten in the reputation, or infamy, surrounding his name. It was his motivation to better himself and to break free of his unfortunate past that…

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  • Alexander Hamilton: Father Of The American Revolution

    The colonies were outnumbered, outgunned and not prepared to fight against the British. This did not stop them they continued to fire against the British. Then Aaron Burr came to Hamilton and offered his help to them. They waited to strike the British at night because of the numbers. Charles Lee was appointed a general. However, he was inexperienced and not a good general and people did not want to follow or listen…

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  • How Did Alexander Hamilton Influence America

    In the 1770s, when America was just beginning to form, Alexander Hamilton stood out against the crowd—a genius amongst common men—and became one of the most important men in America’s history. The reason that Hamilton caused such a great influence on the newfound country is because his views on everything around him were different from that of society. The Founding Father had an opinion on every subject that dared to grace his mind, writing endless pages on each topic, from the smallest matter…

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  • What Are Thomas Jefferson's Accomplishments

    He actually ran against John Adams, but lost. At that time, the person who received the second highest votes became Vice President. Jefferson ran for president again in 1800. He actually tied with Aaron Burr, so the House of Representatives voted and chose Jefferson. Due to that situation Congress established the Twelfth Amendment which states that there has to be separate voting for president and vice president. Jefferson did a lot in his presidential…

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  • Thomas Jefferson Dbq Analysis

    After the presidency of John Adams, Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr were both candidates for the president seat. The two men were tied with seventy-three electoral votes each. However, due to the ⅗ Compromise in the south and the intervention by Alexander Hamilton, Thomas was able to win the presidency seat. This in turn ended rule by Federalists and set in motion the Jeffersonian Era, which was dominated by Democratic Republicans. For the next twenty-five years, Republicans such as Thomas…

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  • Alexander Hamilton And The Perils Of Posterity

    On the evening of Sunday, September 18, AHI Charter fellow and beloved Hamilton College History professor, Douglas Ambrose, spoke on “Alexander Hamilton and the Perils of Posterity”. With incredible eloquence, wit and energy he delivered a generous assessment of the honorable luminosity that Alexander Hamilton demonstrated in his public life. It inspired me to write further on Hamilton’s legacy. For Alexander Hamilton, to be seen as trustworthy in the eye of the common people was paramount.…

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