Hammy Runs Away Dialectical Journal

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Chapter 1: Hammy Runs Away

It was a cold night when a small boy ran, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a map of the surrounding area. It was near midnight when the boy stopped running. He was in front of a shelter with an old Victorian appearance. He knocked on the door heaving from exhaustion, and the doors opened, revealing a kindly, old lady.
“What’s your name, son?” the lady inquired,
“A- Alexander, Hamilton.” the small boy wheezed in between staggered breaths.
“Well come on in Alex. You must be tired.” the lady replied. “Speaking of which, where are you from?”
“I’m from the island of Nevis, I stowed away on a ship to New York, then bought a map of New York, and ran here.”
“Wow.” the lady whistled quietly, “Quite an achievement
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Two hours after Alexander had passed by the orphanage, he was walking along the side of the road, the light snow that had fallen overnight crunching under his boots as he shivered. Despite the insurmountable odds, a bright, expensive-looking Volkswagen pulled up beside him. The window rolled down and a sharply-dressed, decorated veteran looked out,
“You okay kid? Where are you from, wherever you are going, I’m willing to get you there. Come on, get in. Take a break from the cold.” the veteran said
“ Oh, ok sir.” Hamilton replied.
“ So, where are you from? Where are you going? Oh, pardon my manners, I’m George Washington, I was a general in Iraq, and now I teach elementary school at PS 130.” Alex looked at the man and simply replied “I’m from the Island of Nevis. I have nowhere to go, so if you would please point me in the right direction. I would be much indebted.” to this Washington replied as follows,
“Whatever do you mean you have nowhere to go? You clearly immigrated so you must have parents to go home to.”
“My parents are on Nevis, sir. I stowed away on a ship to New York and just barely had enough money to buy a map of New York at a vendor set up near the port. To put it simply: I’m a parentless, penniless,

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