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  • Summary Of The Farewell

    In the book () written by () , the author explains the challenges the founding brothers including George Washington, John Adams, Thomas Jefferson, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton and Aaron Burr faced as the formed the new government of the united states. The author splits the book into seven sections, each telling a different story or series of events. The author tells the reader that they should understand the events both on how they actually occurred, and how they were…

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  • What Made The Founders Different By Gordon Wood Summary

    Siqi He HST 109 Prof. Barth Book Review Revolutionary Characters: What Made the Founders Different written by Gordon Wood, who is a great historian focused on the history of the founding era, successfully argues about the great character of seven founders of America which includes George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Thomas Jefferson, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams as well as Thomas Paine and the great contributions they have made to the establishment of early America. From…

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  • Analysis Of Frankenstein: Theodosia Burr

    Society has always conditioned women to hide their creativity, intelligence and desires. Theodosia Burr, born in the misogynistic 16th century, was raised in a way that defied these beliefs. Theodosia Prevost Burr and Aaron Burr educated their daughter in math, science and literature. Theodosia Burr was a prodigy; she spoke French, German, Greek and Latin before she was twelve years old. Aaron Burr received large amounts of criticism for supporting his daughter’s quest of knowledge, and began…

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  • Why Is Alexander Hamilton Important

    Jefferson, John Adams, and Aaron Burr were all vying for the presidency, or vice-presidency in Burr’s case. Hamilton had decided to support Jefferson on his campaign, which led Jefferson to the victory of winning president, and made Aaron Burr vice-president. Throughout Jefferson’s presidency Burr was often left out of important meetings and things, and then when Jefferson ran for re-election he left Burr off the ballot. All of these events caused a great deal of tension between Burr and…

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  • History On Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation

    Pulitzer Prize in 2001 for History on Founding Brothers: The Revolutionary Generation. Ellis portrays the American founders Thomas Jefferson, Aaron Burr, Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, John Adams and George Washington as the great…

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  • Revolutionary Character By Gordon Wood Summary

    himself into the sort of “gentleman” the others aspired to be like. Aaron Burr on the other hand, rejected the principles of service and “disinterest” that were very important to the founding fathers. Wood describes Burr as ambitious and illustrated how he was rejected by both the Federalist and Anti-Federalists. He was so unpopular that Jefferson and Hamilton, complete opposites on the political party spectrum, agreed together that Burr would hinder rather than help the United States if he came…

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  • Alexander Hamilton: The Founding Father Of America

    the subject of the most humiliating criticism (Chernow).” While his childhood was filled with sorrow and darkness, Hamilton out grew those shadows and became one of the founding fathers of America. From serving in the army, to his final duel with Aaron Burr, Hamilton committed his life to the cause of patriotism. A strong central democracy drove him to write the Federalist Papers and Hamilton’s way with the pen was noting but persuasive and elegant. The building of America brought unlikely men…

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  • Hammy Runs Away Dialectical Journal

    Chapter 1: Hammy Runs Away It was a cold night when a small boy ran, with nothing but the clothes on his back and a map of the surrounding area. It was near midnight when the boy stopped running. He was in front of a shelter with an old Victorian appearance. He knocked on the door heaving from exhaustion, and the doors opened, revealing a kindly, old lady. “What’s your name, son?” the lady inquired, “A- Alexander, Hamilton.” the small boy wheezed in between staggered breaths. “Well come on in…

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  • Hamilton: An American Musical Analysis

    which Hamilton benefits from. If it weren’t for Washington’s support, Jefferson and Madison would have overpowered them. Another instance is in the “Election of 1800” where Hamilton was asked who he would vote for for president— either Jefferson or Burr. In the lines, “You need to change course, a key endorsement might redeem you”, Madison suggests that maybe Jefferson needs the support from someone important, meaning he knows how important it is to be backed-up by someone important because it…

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  • To What Extent Did Thomas Jefferson Win The Election Of 1800

    in a federalist government. Jefferson brought about political diversification, and economic change while dealing with foreign and domestic relations. The election of 1800 pitted Thomas Jefferson and Aaron Burr against each other. Jefferson believed in an agricultural society and small government. Burr fought for the continuation of big central government. When Jefferson won the election it was significant because of a smooth change in political parties, where the transfer of power was…

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