Willie Monologue

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“They throw the ball I hit it. They hit the ball I catch it.” By Willie Mays.I won’t tell you every crook and cranny of Willie’s life story but I am going to tell you some things that I’ve found are the most interesting about him and his career, for example his parents and his mentors and achievements.You may or may not know who he person is but let me tell you he is a role model for many to-be baseball players and in fact he has even been in the Hall of Fame. He has accomplished many things in his life to receive that honor. He knew what he wanted and he went for. Then he practice and practice and tried his best to to everything he could on the field and most of all he had confidence. Ever since he was little Willie has always been a great …show more content…
Although he didn’t join their team, here’s what happened. Roughly about a year before Willie joined the Giants, the Yankees heard numerous things about willie and his great skills, however there was just one problem apparently. The Yankees were against integration. Yup, because they were racist they lost one of the greatest weapon that they could ever obtain. It’s just that simple and quite stupid. So because of their prejudice they ignored Willie and they passed off scouting him into their team. Well too bad for them( …show more content…
Although he started off weak he quickly lead the giants to the top with his skills and style. He was known for wide range, instincts, charming personality and awesome throws ( Hood). It was well known that Willie skills were really essential to the Giants the strength as he had helped them win a pennant since their last one 15 years ago. Although everyone knew how important Willie was, they became more aware of it when the Giants fell in rank from first to second and to fifth in their respective years after Willie went into the army in 1952. Luckily for them Willie came back in 1954 stronger than ever, exceeding everyone's expectations. He led with a .345 and hitting 41 home runs in the National League and helped the Giants win the pennant again. Now I don’t know much about baseball or any sports as a matter of fact but I least know that was pretty amazing judging by everyone's reaction at the time.
One of the greatest thing that Willie did in his career as a baseball player was The Catch. What made it such a great catch was that even though the ball may have traveled around 415 feet, willie still ran with those strong legs of his and did an over shoulder catch which amazed a lot of fans. Some didn’t even believe what they were seeing. However it wasn’t that big of a surprise to willie because he believed and he knew that he could catch that ball or so he said in an interview. Nonetheless it was an amazing

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