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  • Personal Essay: Growing Pains

    Pains My dad always told me, when I was in high school, that my “friends were not my friends, they were acquaintances”. At the tender age of 16, I thought I would have those friends for the rest of my life. To my surprise, my best friend of three years stole from me, several boyfriends lied to me, and one boyfriend physically beat me every day for about six months. On several occasions, I was nearly killed in various car accidents. By the time I was twenty-six years old, I had graduated from the School of Hard Knocks. Living independently in the world, away from my parents, taught me that people can and will be cruel. The last straw was when my boyfriend, with whom I was living, strangled me because he was disillusioned by a…

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  • Analysis Of Alaiyo By Joseph Asagai

    whole than as a separate part of the family like her brother does. However Beneatha struggles with her own identity and her self acclaimed independence, which makes her reliability and trustworthiness as a true good option for the insurance money doubtful. One of her boyfriends, Joseph Asagai calls her “Alaiyo”…

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  • Essay On Why College Is Stressful

    Braid College is stressful. I’m in my sophomore year. I actually didn’t want to go to college before I started. And, I still don’t like going. To me, most of my classes are boring and uninteresting. I get so bored learning about religion and what makes a cell a cell in Biology 120. I can still hear the clock ticking on the blue wall as the hours go by slowly. And the Professor’s monotone voice as I stare blankly at my computer screen. These classes aren’t going to help me with a degree in…

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  • Ironic Differences Between Men And Women

    These differences are noticeable in their speech too. It has been demonstrated by sociolinguists that women and men do not speak alike. One of the most intriguing questions is “Why don’t women just say what they mean?” Women use metaphors, analogies, nothing is spoken directly, questions are rhetoric and everything has multiple meanings. No wonder men have no clue what women expect from them. Women know how to introduce ideas and alternatives through the back door. Men are basic, women are…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Boyfriends At Piedmont High School

    high school, nobody really ever accepted me or gave me a chance. No girls ever wanted to be my friend because I was the “ new girl” but all the guys wanted to be my friends and tried to talk to me and hang out which then made things worse with girls because all the guys attention were on me, but my attention was definitely just at school. I got called a whore, slut, stupid, worthless, retarded, and many other names. Those people did not even know my name, yet they assumed all these things…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Experience Of Being Pregnant

    tell the father of my baby, but more terrified to tell my parents. I had plans for my future that did not involve having a baby. This is my experience of being in school and pregnant. First I thought it was just the flu, but this flu was nothing like I had ever experienced before. When I was at work one day, I decided I wanted to eat hot Cheetos so I did. Once I was done eating, my stomach started to feel funny and I felt like I was going to pass out. I quickly ran to the bathroom and all the…

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  • Short Story: Potato Girl

    My hands shook furiously as Keith Shadis paced up and down around the other cadets. Chest pounding at what felt like 1000 beats a minute, I prayed that Shadis wouldn't come close to me. After seeing the way he had already interagated potato girl I don't think I would be able to handle talking to him. "Hey calm down. It's gonna be okay," I heard a voice whisper to me. I whipped my head around to see that Zoe was standing there. She was standing tall and confidently, unlike myself who was still…

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  • Personal Narrative: I Just Don T Love You Again

    "I just don 't love you anymore." He wouldn 't look into my eyes, I 'm not sure he has the whole time I 've been here. "What do you mean? You can 't just stop loving me!" I let out a nervous laugh, my hands were starting to shake and I could feel the tears in my eyes. "You can 't just throw three years away!" I screamed, anger taking over me. "Clara, things change! I 'm sorry but I just can 't anymore!" He yelled back at me, finally looking up at me as tears swam in my eyes and ran down my…

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  • Personal Narrative: My Background And How I Grow Up

    Let me start by telling you my background and how I grew up. I was raised by a strong, independent women; I call Mom or as everyone else would call her, Donna. I grew up in a very big and loving family. I have one older sister Briana; growing up we didn 't get along because of our huge age gap; we are 10 years apart. When I was little I never considered myself as a fatherless little girl, I had my Grandfather and a family friend, Marc, who I considered my father figures; and I am so beyond…

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  • The Particular Sadness Of Lemon Cake By Henrik Ibsen

    Santiago says, “ When you are loved, you can do anything in creation. When you are loved, there’s no need at all to understand what’s happening, because everything happens within you, and even men can turn themselves into the wind.”(152), By falling in love with Fatima and finding someone to be apart of his family, he feels like anything is possible and he is very happy because of the support and love Fatima gives him which shows when she says “...I want you to continue towards your goal… I want…

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