Personal Narrative: My Boyfriends At Piedmont High School

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In high school, nobody really ever accepted me or gave me a chance. No girls ever wanted to be my friend because I was the “ new girl” but all the guys wanted to be my friends and tried to talk to me and hang out which then made things worse with girls because all the guys attention were on me, but my attention was definitely just at school. I got called a whore, slut, stupid, worthless, retarded, and many other names. Those people did not even know my name, yet they assumed all these things about me. I am a senior now. I have no girlfriends at Piedmont High School. The only friend I have is my boyfriend, which is the only person that literally knows everything about me, and still accepts me for my crazy life. If people actually got to know …show more content…
They would know that my mom has had five kids as of now… but she has only kept 3 including me. The other two beautiful baby girls have an amazing home with amazing people and my mom is about to have a handsome baby boy in February. They would know my mom and dad fought so much that I had to call the police on them many times. They would find out I use to hurt myself and wanted all the pain because nobody ever wanted to be my friend and nobody wanted to get to know me. They would know that my stepmom killed herself by overdosing on pills and I had to find out during the day at school… getting called into the counselor 's office and being told that my step mom killed herself the night before... now I 'm terrified that every time I get called to the counselor 's office somebody that I love has died. They would know the months leading up to it, Melissa was never herself.. She didn’t remember anybody’s names, or even talk correctly. The last thing I told her was that I loved her. They would know that I don 't even know my biological father. They would know in middle school, I had so many people telling me that I needed to kill myself. I felt worthless, unloved, and bullied, but my middle school did not care that I was getting bullied by teachers and students. They would know that my little sister got ran over when she was two by my dad because she ran behind him while he was backing up and I almost lost her. They would know that I love to make people happy and smile. They would know that I am an amazing listener and no matter how rude people were to me, I would be there for them no matter what. But no one got to know a single thing about me. So here I am today, stronger than ever. My past may be hectic and crazy, but it makes me who I am today. It makes me a person that understands a lot, it makes me a person that can go through a lot but still

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